Monday, March 21, 2011

Vent of the week....

I used my recorder that I got for my birthday for the first time today, and let's just say it definitely works....  I recorded my history lecture on my phone and the recorder just in case the recorder did something crazy on me and failed on my first attempt, but after my classes ended I tested it out and I have four words for you..... I am officially deaf! I was used to barely hearing the lectures on my phone even with the volume turned all the way up, so when I did the same thing on this one I discovered that I could hear the dang thing even if I was standing right by a helicopter! So, in other words I love my new recorder! :)

I accomplished a lot again today.... I am on a role! I was trying to figure out my schedule for the fall, and I came to the realization that for the next two years I am going to be learning entirely to much about phonics, vowels, and syllables. Seriously, how many reading classes does a teacher need to take! I am in my first of many reading classes this semester, and I will tell you one thing I learned early on.... teach a grade level where the students already know how to read! I am sure it is a very rewarding process, but I am sorry I just find it incredibly boringg....  Anyways, I am not to happy with my upcoming classes. I would much rather have some history classes. I mean my teaching emphasis is in History, but apparently the Education program thinks it is more important to take 10 reading classes..... grrr. 

Now that I got a little venting out, here's some more.... Tonight I went over to Matt's apartment to cook some chicken while he was at work. When I opened the fridge to get it out it was not there.... it was in the freezer! After I said a few choice words in my head (directed towards Matt) I began sawing on the frozen chicken with a huge knife to separate my piece of chicken from the rest. After about 15 minutes my arm was tired from sawing (talk about an arm workout), and the chicken was not separating so I dethawed it in the microwave! Why did I not do that in the beginning you ask?.... Well, I am dumb! So, after I finally got the chicken separated I started cooking it along with some broccoli and corn, and it turned out to be a delicious dinner after all. Oh and I forgot to add I also had to clean the dishes before I could even begin cooking! Boys... can't live with 'em, but can't live without 'em! 

Okay, I really am done venting now! 

My mom got this foam roller for me, and I just started using it over Spring Break. I love it because it massages sore muscles, and makes stretching fun! I always forget to stretch, but now that I have this I get excited to stretch.... Okay, so I get excited about the darnest things, but seriously get one of these. Your muscles will thank you ;)

THIS IS SO FUN.... that's what I'm thinking :)

Question of the day: Do you stretch after every workout, or are you lazy like the "old" me!

Question #2: What is something you have kept bottled up inside of you? Go ahead... vent to me!

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