Sunday, March 20, 2011


 I have been so productive today... which is odd considering I am still kind of in Spring Break mode!
I cleaned, went grocery shopping, organized my room, did homework, and hung out with my best friend :)

The 85 degree weather was to nice to be cooped up inside all day, so Matt and I went on a 30 minute walk and I filled him in on everything that he missed over Spring Break. I wish we could of stayed out there forever, but Matt was a getting a cramp!! haha Well, it was kind of my fault I made him walk right after we ate at Pei Wei!
If you didn't already know, Pei Wei is my favorite restaurant ever! I always get the Teriyaki Chicken with white rice which is really simple, but amazing! :) Matt and I always get two fortune cookies, and let the other person choose one for their fortune but we never eat them. I know what a waste, but it is a fun game. Plus, who even likes those things... they taste like a mix between paper and stale bread! (I used to love them, and by love I mean that I once consumed 15 of them in one sitting... whoops! Maybe that's why I don't like them any more.) Anyways, Pei Wei is like Matt and I's restaurant... I think we will still be going once a week even when we are 80 years old!

Question of the day: Do you have a restaurant that you eat at once a week?

Now I have to read a book for my History class. Not gonna lie, I have a nerdy obsession with History. I love learning about it, and my history classes have been my favorite classes in college so far! I wish I would of actually learned history in high school instead of just memorizing it for a test and then forgetting it right after... It would of made my college life a lot easier too!


Chocolate Cat Cookies from Judy :) They taste like chocolate teddy grahams, but better and healthier!

Dipped in peanut butter with white chocolate! It was a very delicious combo.
I had to put the bucket away before I devoured it!


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying the cat cookies!!! I may have to look for some of that peanut butter - did you say once that you get it at Walmart? I want to see a picture of the mud when you make it, too!! We don't have a restaurant we go to every week, but we do eat at Flying Star a lot because a) it's in the neighborhood b) they have an interesting menu and interesting specials and c) because pretty much everything is realy good!! (just ask Brooke!)

  2. Judy: Yes as you can see I love the cat cookies! I got the peanut butter at walmart, and it was so cheap... they also have a dark chocolate flavor that I have to try too! I will definitely post a picture of the mud once I make it, I am trying to spread my desserts out hah but I should be making it soon!! I want to try flying star so bad... I mean I have to try it soon I have a gift card ;)

  3. Sounds like you had your normal productive Sunday's! It's pretty nice here today so Mitch and I plan to go on a walk! You guys and your pei Wei... Y'all def will be 80 and still going there once a week! Better always live in a city with pei Wei! I remember when u and Donna ate soooo many fortune cookies at panda express that one time... I also don't know how u ever liked those things! We don't really eat somewhere once a week... We always have few places that are our Fav that we go to a lot though! I'm sure in Austin we will start having lots of favorites that we go to often! You are a nerd... History is sooo boring! I am so jealous of your cat cookies! I want some! I was craving them majorly last night after I saw on another blog that someone was eating them! And then now u had to rub it in too... Thanks a lot! Idk about the dipping in pb...u know me I'm not a fan of choc and pb flavor! Yes I do second Judy... Flying star is amazing! I would def go there once a week if I lived in abq! I also would be eating/shopping at TJs like 5x a week ha!! I think choc cat cookies are prob my Fav thing there! So that could be a meal once a week! And mud another night with Joe joes! :-)

  4. It wouldn't let me vote for two this time! I wanted to say letter format and random thoughts. Bc I know it's harder to do letter so I would be ok with u doing a mixture! And also I like when u do dear random words/ppl/things... So I think a combo of those two would be perfect! So that's my vote ha!

  5. Brooke: Oh gosh yah I have to live in a city with pei wei! Does Austin have a pei wei?? I remember that time with Donna we may have eaten more than 15!! I was obsessed! I even bought fortune cookies at walmart one time! I think you would like them in pb... gotta try it! Hmm I don't know why it only let you vote once this time! But I will do a mixture of both... this way is definitely easier tho! I feel like the letter format is good when I have funny things, but some days it can be boring!

  6. I like letters to people and to random subjects and people! I try to not eat somewhere once a week because my daughters love to make me do that so much! HAHA And it has been aqwhile for me and Pei Wei--thank goodness. HA Everyday is funny with you Tara! Love ya

  7. 1.) PLEASE take my history classes for me then..... MEH
    2.) LOVE Pei Wei, i love their lettuce wraps!!!!
    3.) As for resturaunt once a week... i love chipotle... but i don't think i get it once a week. But i think FOR SURE I go to central market and get a meal from their once a week every day i get done with work... not necessarilly a resturaunt though!

  8. Mommy: Mommy get ready for alot or repeat restaurants this summer!! I have branched out some lately... right?? haha Love you too!

    Dana: I wish I could take your history classes and you can take some of mine!! I have never eaten at central market, but I am sure I could find tons of things that I would love!


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