Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back to the daily grind....

I had so much fun celebrating my birthday and hanging out with my family... There really is no place like home!
I was welcomed back to College Station with a few surprises:

1. Matt (He showed up at my apartment and helped me unload all my stuff and carry it up three flights of stairs) He also gave me this....
I was so tired from driving I didn't even notice that he added a new charm right when I looked at it! But, when I gave it a second glance I noticed the peace sign! He added it to my bracelet for my birthday :)
2. Fruit of the Month came while I was away!
Thanks for the welcome "home" gift Granny! I can't wait to try these nectarines... they are just the right ripeness too.

3. A card from my Mommy and a letter from Charlie
I love mail, especially when I am feeling a little sad that I am no longer HOME!

I have so much to look forward to this summer... but the most exciting thing is BROOKE AND MITCH GET HOME SOON!!

Question of the Day: Do you enjoy being at home and chilling with family, or would you rather be out with friends?


  1. Dear Tara, I don't think I need to write dear Tara anymore bc u haven't been doing that format ha. So I'm gonna stop doing it too from now on ha. Anyways sad spring break is over... But u def had a good one filled with birthday celebrations! I like the new peace sign addition! So you! Yum that looks like an awesome fruit of the month! Nectarines are the best! Let me know how they are! And yay for letters! Only 7 weeks left that's not bad at all!! You are so close to another year done! And woo hoo for me and mitch almost being home!! We are getting so I just want to know an exact date so we can start a true count down!! I love doing both family and friends!!! I could really go for some quality nanners time about now tho that's for sure!! Love u nan!! :-)

  2. Brooke: haha sorry what do you think of this format? I figured I would mix it up. Sometimes its faster to write it like this! Please fid out an exact date I wanna know too!! Lets make count down chains! I miss you cookie, love ya!

  3. I love a nice mix of both... I love my family but I also love doing crazy things with my friends!

  4. definitely love being home & chillin!


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