Monday, January 31, 2011

Be Positive :)

Dear Matt, today my fortune said, "A solid challenge will bring forth your finest abilities." I hope you were right about saying this little challenge I am dealing with right now will soon bring out some good qualities of mine. P.S I love when you get done working out and show me your muscles, the face you make is priceless. Dear Bachelor, regardless of how dumb you are making me by watching you, you are secretly my favorite show. But seriously, Brad you are so annoying, please stop telling us how much your therapy sessions changed you! Dear Brooke, please be safe. These riots in Cairo are worrying me, but I know you will use your 800 meter speed to run away from them so I can now sleep at night ;) Dear Mommy, you never cease to amaze me with your acts of kindness or should I say desperation haha Jk! But, I miss you like crazy. Dear Pei Wei, thank you for the extra teriyaki sauce for my rice. I hope you will always be a Monday night tradition for Matt and I. I think before I pick my future home I will have to make sure there is a Pei Wei near by! Dear stalkers, what would you do if I told you I can tell who views this?? Don't freak out there is no way to do that, but I wish there was :)
** I challenge all my readers to not dwell on the negative, and find one positive about today and share it with someone! :) I am still working on this one too!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am bored, so I thought I would bring the 'ole blog back! I am trying something new... I have been reading a blog called Today's Letters, and I absolutely love it! It is now bookmarked as one of my favorites, and I check it daily. I suggest you do the same. Anyways, I emailed her and asked if I could use her "letter" format for mine too. She said yes! So here it is... Tell me what ya think :)

BROOKE, why are you so far away from me? Map quest keeps telling me they had trouble getting my directions... this is not a good sign!! However I have been enjoying my 7:00 A.M daily facebook humor you have been providing me, so keep it up please!

Matt, going to our new hang out this weekend was tasty as always. I was a little worried when I thought it closed at 5 p.m. For one I really wanted my Happy Bee sandwich, and two I thought you might eat me you were so hungry! Good thing I only had a minor freak closed at 2 A.M :) 
Weather, please stay 75 degrees forever. I want to wear nike shorts everyday again. I also am looking a bit pale..
HEB in Bryan, I will never buy my groceries from you again. Everyone in there obviously had no list, or got a kick out of walking snail pace in front of my cart. Next time I will run you over! 
Hair, I hope you enjoyed today as much as me... I know how you love rocking the cinnamon roll style every sunday ;)
Anyways, I hope everyone had a great "Get stuff done day!"

P.S Don't forget to click on the links throughout the post!! Today there is only one "hang out"
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