Monday, January 31, 2011

Be Positive :)

Dear Matt, today my fortune said, "A solid challenge will bring forth your finest abilities." I hope you were right about saying this little challenge I am dealing with right now will soon bring out some good qualities of mine. P.S I love when you get done working out and show me your muscles, the face you make is priceless. Dear Bachelor, regardless of how dumb you are making me by watching you, you are secretly my favorite show. But seriously, Brad you are so annoying, please stop telling us how much your therapy sessions changed you! Dear Brooke, please be safe. These riots in Cairo are worrying me, but I know you will use your 800 meter speed to run away from them so I can now sleep at night ;) Dear Mommy, you never cease to amaze me with your acts of kindness or should I say desperation haha Jk! But, I miss you like crazy. Dear Pei Wei, thank you for the extra teriyaki sauce for my rice. I hope you will always be a Monday night tradition for Matt and I. I think before I pick my future home I will have to make sure there is a Pei Wei near by! Dear stalkers, what would you do if I told you I can tell who views this?? Don't freak out there is no way to do that, but I wish there was :)
** I challenge all my readers to not dwell on the negative, and find one positive about today and share it with someone! :) I am still working on this one too!!


  1. POSITIVE: Even though my sister, best friend, venting buddy, person who can always make me laugh, sometimes crazy person, workout trainer, grocery store shopper who goes up and down every isle, dessert baker, pro text updater, and pal who loves to do random things that only we would find fun, aka Nanners aka you...lives 7918.38 miles away from me right now we are still just as close as if we were next door neighbors! And no one will ever be able to change that!! Thank goodness bc we both don't like change! ;-) another positive we are almost in the double digits until we get to be reunited! I can't wait... Mitch can't wait too! Another positive... So grateful mitch is like a brother to u and hales... He knows how much you two mean to me and feels the exact same way about y'all as I do! Gotta love when your husband loves your crazy sisters as much as I do! Another positive... U make me laugh and smile everyday with your texts... So if u ever feel down know that your presence always is making someone elses day even if yours isn't going according to plan! Positive... Everyday positive for me is that I couldn't ask for a better family...ppl say u can pick your friends but not your family... I always say I never win things like raffles or drawings but who am I kidding I have won the biggest thing of all... I got so freaking lucky to win this great family!! Love u guys even 7918.38 miles away!
    Love, Brooke

  2. Also... Me and mitch can't wait to watch bachelor tonight and get dumber with every second ha. We also crack up every time he goes on and on about his therapy sessions and how he is a changed man now blah blah. And don't u worry about me when it comes to running away from scary ppl I am beyond a pro ha. This is why we get along so well... We both have lists of restaurants/ grocery stores that must be in whatever city we end up living in haha. Some may call that weird or obsessive... But they obviously aren't pro grocery shoppers like us and know good food! However... We aren't totally the same bc pei Wei is definitely not on my list! :-) love u!

  3. A girls got to do what a girls got to do! HAHA So glad you are blogging makes me smile! Tell Matt thanks for being the stand-in me for the past few days--I owe him! Love ya tons, Mommy


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