Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Dear Matt, tonight you surprised me with delicious dinner, flowers, a card with a heart charm in it, and a cookie cake for our three year anniversary which is tomorrow! You made my day, and I am so lucky to have you in my life! I love all the traditions we have together, especially when they consist of desserts :) Dear Haley, today I listened to your music that I put on my ipod. It made me smile because I thought of you, and I found a new favorite song "Set the Fire to the Third Bar". I also loved "Come on Get Higher" and "Come to My Party"... Jk about that last one, it was terrible ha. Believe it or not biking was actually enjoyable with it, or maybe it was the girl "sprinting" around the track that looked like she was going to fall on her face that kept me so entertained? Dear Brooke, this week has been rough, I miss you more than ever. Today I thought of all the things I wanted us to do when you return to the U.S.A, planet burrito and a trip to Austin are two of the most important things on the list! Dear Weather, I think you gave me frost bite on my fingers. I did forget my gloves, but come on at least snow so class can be cancelled! Dear Daddy, today you hiked to the gym in -2 degree weather with windchill just to get your run in, and your key failed you! You have ran at least 3 miles for 760 days straight... I hope you take my advice and run inside to keep the streak going! I think you just might be crazier than Brooke and I ;)
** I challenge all my readers to surprise someone with a gift, baked good, or even a card! It will make that person's day I promise! It worked for me :) 
My surprise dinner!

I love you Matty!

Each holiday Matt gives me a charm to put on my bracelet (We just started this Christmas)


  1. You are just now liking "set fire to the third bar"... I'm way over here in crappy radio station country and even I discovered that song forever ago! It is a good one that's for sure! Yay for three years... Congrats! I like the new charm! And double yay for cookie cake tradition! Well the feeling is mutual... I have missed u even more lately too! In fact last night mitch and I were sitting on the couch and I randomly got sad and was like I really miss tara I wish we were in cs to hang out with her! U can ask him I really did say/feel that way! I can't wait to do all kinds of things together once we get back. For sure planet burrito!!! And Austin trip sounds awesome! And oh so much more... Heck I even look forward to running boring loop in southlake if it means I get to do it with u! So I took your advice... I made myself mud this morning and will be surprised tonight when I get to eat it haha. No but for real I'm baking mitch banana bread... His fav! I love surprises too they really do make a day great!

  2. Good Challenge Idea!!!! I will consider it...but it's especially hard to do when I'm snowed in!!!


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