Monday, March 14, 2011


I am as shocked as you that I am going to be the big 2-0 :0

Brooke and Mitch win the award for being the first to say happy birthday, and they made me SIGNS! They for sure spent longer than two seconds to make them.... cough HALEY cough. Anyways, y'all are the best and I wish you were here so we could celebrate and eat cake!!

Tonight I celebrated with my dad, and we went to the usual Outback and Braums!! It was delicious as always. I have been missing Monday night dinners with him and Haley.

I know I say that a lot, but seriously nothing beats this... especially when they give you huge clumps of reeses's! P.S My dad and I were totally eyeballing every scoop that he added when he made this.... I of course got to pick the one with the most reese's :) 

I am now officially stocked up with my favorite flavors of gum (Forever Fruit & Kinetic Fruit which has vitamins in it... how cool is that!) I also got my new Voice Recorder!! I am sooo excited about this! I have been recording my history lectures with the voice recorder on my phone, and lets just say it pretty much stunk! It would stop every 30 minutes and I could barely hear it, but now with this one I can record all of my classes!! I know I am a nerd, but I'm telling you if you are in college you need one of these!!! I love learning by listening. Anyways thank you so much Daddy! I love you :)

I am so glad that Brad chose Emily! I have to say though my mom and I had some good laughs leading up to the proposal. When Chantel ran up and jumped into Brad's arms my mom said, geezz don't knock him over!! It was hilarious.... we also thought she so should of slapped Brad in the face at the end. I mean why not leave the show how you started! Anyways, I really liked Emily in the "After The Final Rose" show. My mom summed her up pretty well, "She is a Southern girl with an attitude!" She seemed so real, so hopefully Brad and Emily stay together! :)

Until tomorrow.....

**Question of the day: Were you happy with the Bachelor winner??


  1. Loved the choice of Emily vs. Chantel. I just wished it hadn't been so painful to watch the ATR show. They both looked like they were trying too hard. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them, but I'm thinking she's unsure about him now. We'll see...

  2. Dear Tara, woo hoo for us being first and making the best signs! Wish we could have been there too to celebrate and eat cake all day!! It looks like you def got a good person at Braums that day! Was your same people working there or was there some newbies? You can thank me for introducing you to stride forever fruit! I passed on my obsession with it to you... Bc I now no longer can stand the stuff ha. The kinetic fruit sounds interesting... Makes me think of those mints with vitamins that I was a big fan of for awhile. They were icebreaker brand u remember? Hahaha only u would ask for a voice recorder for your b day! U are a strange one! Aka nerd! I believe ya that it comes in handy but still... u just make me laugh when i pic u sitting in class with it haha. Chantel so should of slapped Brad when she left that would have been perfect!! I am glad he picked Emily bc I was a big fan of her... But after watching the after show Idk if it will actually work out! She's definitely a southern girl who knows what she wants... And I have a feeling Brad aint what she wants ha! But I hope it does work out and I get to see them three strolling around Austin! I could baby sit Ricky ha!

  3. Nancy: I agree... not so sure if they will last!! I mean the chances are pretty good that they will break up! So far only three have worked out ha

    Brooke: It was some new person, well new to me! Daddy says he always makes it good and he knows daddy and haley's order when they walk in! I remember those... I liked those too! HAHAH dont make fun!! It is now going to be even funnier when I am sitting listening to it on the bus.. I was using my phone so people thought I was just listening to music on my ipod! Omg yes baby sit ricky I am sure you would make tons of money!!


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