Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'M 20!


Last night I went to sleep, and around one o'clock in the morning I hear, "Tara.. Tara.. wake up." It was Matt! He got off work at 10 o'clock and drove all the way here to surprise me on my birthday! It was a great surprise, and I am so glad I got to celebrate with him! Now he is headed back to College Station for work in the morning. 

Today my Granny took me shopping! But, somehow Haley left with more clothes than me.... What's up with that? haha, I will remember this when it's Haley's birthday. Then tonight I ate at Tolbert's with my Mom, Granny, Matt, and his parents. It was a lot of fun, and "Frank's Frito Pie" really hit the spot. (Sorry I forgot to get a picture) 

My Mommy got me a cookie cake!! 

Make a wish...

Haley & my Mom made me more signs!!

What a great birthday surprise :)



  1. Dear Tara, First off Happy B day once again! Good job matt for surprising ya! I wish I could have joined the shopping party! I'm gonna need some cute clothes when I return! Did u actually expect Hales not to walk out with the most stuff? That's how she rolls! Fine with me... More cute outfits I get to steal from her! I want To go to the mall just to go to great american cookie! Liz went the Other day and sent me a pic and ever since I havd been really wanting a choc chip double doozie! Remember those?! Mitch thinks there might be one ar Dubai mall so when we go there I am so getting one if so! That's fun matt's parents came to eat too! Shame on u for no frito pie pic! I want to see their chili that they are supposedly so well known for! I was not a fan of that place the one time we went! Yay for cookie cake! Our signs were definitely better! :-) Love the last pic of u and matt! Very cute! I am glad u had a great day!!! U still have one more birthday celebration Tom... U lucky girl!!

  2. Brooke: I wish you could of joined too.. it was a very successful shopping spree! Oh dang I loved those now I want one... I could make one with my cookie cake!!! I liked the peanut butter ones! Birthday week is not over yet!!! woohoo haha


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