Wednesday, March 16, 2011

VOTE for the Mc's

Dear Matt, thanks again for the wonderful birthday surprise! I wish you could of stayed longer, but I will see you soon! What would you of done if I started beating you up because I thought you were a burglar?... Don't you know that you should never "surprise" someone when they are in deep sleep! Dear Brooke, today Kirsten and I had a good walk, but we wish you could of joined us! We need you to show us how to power walk.... maybe we can learn in AUSTIN this summer :) Dear Nail Salon, my mom made me go to you today!!! Lets just say $22 dollars later my toes do look good, but I will not be going back anytime soon. My mom even told them not to massage me, but they still "tickled" my feet and made me squirm in my chair. Who would ever pay for that torture?? Dear BJ'S Brewhouse, your mini cheese pizza is to die for. I have never had a better pizza in my life... if only you were located in College Station. 
I hope everyone is watching American Idol... vote for Paul McDonald & Scotty McCreery :)

Everyday I have Greek Yogurt, but I usually dip pretzels into it. Today, I decided to dip some Gorgonzola crackers into it which I got from The Bible's for my birthday. They were delicious! They have blue cheese in them which I actually don't like, but I LOVED these. Next time I am just going to eat the crackers plain because they have such great flavor, and the yogurt was kind of taking away from it.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite brand of Greek Yogurt, and do you eat it plain or put it in something? 


  1. Hi Tara - glad you like the crackers!! I look for the Greek Yogurt with the highest protein and lowest calories. There aren't a lot of brands to choose from here yet, but the last ones I got were Dannon. I like vanilla with fresh strawberries and/or bananas, or plain with the fruit and a little bit of Stevia sweetener.

  2. Dear Tara, I so wish I could of joined y'all on the walk!!! For sure many walks this summer will go down!! I love me some walking! Ha idk if Y'all can handle my power walking...heck I can't even handle my own power walking... I only know how to do it when I'm freezing my butt off ha! Put me in 30 degree weather and I'm a power walking fool ha. So jealous u got your toes done!! We are going to get them done soon as I return... So start mentally preparing yourself now ha! U have not even tried best pizza ever... Antonions is way better than BJs! Actually a lot of pizzas are better than BJs! No worries mitch and I spent a good hour last night looking up pizza places in Austin... We saw a ton that look really good so u can join us in the search for the best pizza in Austin! One place on the list is mellow mushroom which I know u were a fan Of... I still have yet to try it so I can't wait! I saw several pizza places that offers hummus as the sauce how cool is that?! Fage is the best! I like it plain with pretzels or I like mixing desert garden seasoning packs into it and dipping pretzels in it! Or I like making tzatziki dip with it... Yum! I can't wait to get home bc I really want to try chobani brand that everyone talks about! I'm interested to see if I like the fruity flavor ones! I'm glad u like the crackers! Weird how they can be made with things we don't like yet we absolutely Love the flavor of the cracker! Bc someone couldn't pay me to eat Bleu cheese but I can down those crackers haha. Trader Joes supposedly has a Greek yogurt too I would Like to try it also!

  3. Judy: Yes, the crackers were amazing!! Such great flavor! Have you tried the fage brand of greek yogurt, it is very low in calories and high in protein!! I also sampled a strawberry chobani kind which was good at costco! But, the vanilla one sounds good!

    Brooke: haha yah I am not really a power walker, but I am sure we got something out of it! I ain't going are you kidding me last time I got my toes done and by done I mean mommy just painted them was at your wedding!!!! So, lets just say I for sure aint going a few months apart. I can't wait to search for pizza! dang hummus as sauce... very cool! Woah thats weird I was just telling Judy I tried strawberry at costco the other day it was great so I am going to buy those when I get in college station!! Austin needs a trader joes!!

  4. LOVED our lovely walk! But I definitely agree something (or someone) was missing! Brooke I didn't like walking our short loop without ya! Hurry home so we can do our long one and maybe by that time Tara will be up to speed! She did very well though I was impressed. I mean my hips were sore after so I got something out of it!!! My favorite Greek yogurt is definitely Fage! I like it plain. Last night I had leftover grilled veggies and sweet potato fries and I dipped both of them in it though and I was a big fan! I also will put it in smoothies or dips pretzels in it. I just got Chobani yesterday at the grocery!!! I got plain and vanilla so I will let ya know when I try them!

  5. Kirsten: Brooke will show us how its done soon!!! :) You can eat fage yogurt plain?? oh man I wish I could do that... let me know how chobani brand is! I tried the strawberry one and really liked it!


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