Friday, March 11, 2011

Qdoba para mi estomago!

Dear Matt, day one is complete without your side kick! I know you are loving the peace and quiet, but just pretend to miss me a little ;) Dear Brooke, we missed you tonight! I am so ready for my big sister to be home. Today when I got home Mommy and Haley had made me welcome home signs. But, lets just say it definitely took Haley no more than 30 seconds to complete both signs... I promise I will spend quality time on your welcome home signs! Dear Soccer, who the heck made up the off sides rule?? I personally think it's ridiculous to punish the people who are faster, and smarter than the other team. P.S I love soccer moms... they are soo intense! Tonight I heard, "Here Ref... want my glasses." Also, I think they must require all soccer players to take a drama class. I mean seriously there is no need to roll on the ground for 10 minutes just to get a free kick!.... I guess this is why my soccer career ended so soon, I just picked flowers! Dear Cherry on Top Yogurt, I have to say I was a little worried when I heard your name... I hate cherries! But, you turned out to be very delish... I love me some peanut butter and cake batter yogurt with my usual brownies, cookie dough, and reeses's on top! Dear Walmart, don't tell Target, but I am secretly a Walmart girl. You have way better groceries, but more importantly I love people watching and there is no better place to do that than in your store.
I made it home! Now it's time to RELAX for a whole week!
P.S Sorry if my blogs are a little boring while I am home, I just do my best work when I should be studying for tests.... 

Question of the day: What is your favorite flavor of self serve yogurt, and what toppings do you put on it?

Tonight I went to Qdoba with my mom, Mrs. Brown, Kirsten, and Hannah for the first time! It just opened up in Southlake yesterday, and I have been very anxious to try it.
I got:
One crispy taco with shredded beef and pico de gallo
One soft taco with pulled pork, black beans, pico de gallo, and roasted chili corn salsa
One soft taco with grilled chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, roasted chili corn salsa, and ancho chili bbq sauce
I loved them all, but I think the shredded beef was my favorite! It tasted a lot like my granny's tacos, which I love!
The best part was all five of us ate for $5.40.... can't beat that....We had a coupon, and students ate free tonight!!
Anyways, I will definitely be going back here before I head back to College Station :)


  1. Dear Tara, I am more than ready to be home to join in on all the fun! Ha thanks... I know I can count on you to make us quality signs! perhaps hales will have missed us more and at least spend a minute on our signs! Idk that's asking a lot out of her busy schedule! When mitch and I went to Asian cup game I said same thing "is it really necessary for them to be so dramatic and roll around and grab their foot/leg like it might fall off or something?!" I guess me only watching your flower picking soccer days I never got to experience the drama classes that take place on the soccer field! Who would of thought? Maybe like cheerleading and emerald belles... The soccer players should get their athletic period to count as an athletic and fine art credit! I never understood why those two NON sports got both credits... Seems to me soccer has a lot more art involved it's just like a theatre class outside on a field! Glad the fro yo place was good! The name would of worried me too... I would have been afraid they only had nasty fruit and tart flavors!! Did they have red velvet and cookies and cream there? Why no pic of the fro yo?! I second that... Wal Mart is the best people watching place ever! And def way better grocery selection than target! But target wins in the better swim suits category! The blogs won't be boring... Just make sure u actually do one still everyday and I will be happy! I kinda already answered ? Of the day... But in case ppl missed my answer in the middle of this novel my Fav flavors are cake batter, red velvet cake, cookies and cream, choc, and vanilla! No fruity or tart or sother grossness for me! And no toppings... I like it just over flowing with at least three different fro yo flavors! Tacos look awesome! I can't wait to try that place! How was the BBQ and corn there compared to your free and pb? Tomatoes in the pico look super yummy! Thanks for rubbing it in that u will be going again before u leave! Way to wait for me... NOT!

  2. Brooke: I am sorry I forgot my camera and to take pics. of yogurt! I gotta be more prepared next time, so my bogs arent so boring! They had cookies and creme but I didnt see red velvet. BBQ was just different, but I liked it just the same and corn was probably my favorite ever but havent had pb yet! I am sorry we will go once a week when you get home ;)

  3. Last night was fun Tary!!! One thing was missing though...BROOKE UPSHAW BIBLE! Qdoba was a major success in my book! That pulled pork was out of this world! I bet if we go back soon we can still eat free?! Let's keep that on the DL so no one else finds out! And Cherry on Top was surprisingly good too! We almost died trying to get there but it was well worth it when they had PB cup and chocolate! My two favs!!! I like Reeses on top and nuts of some kind (usually sliced or crushed almonds) and raspberries and blueberries! I also usually get one random thing on top to try! Last night I got a gummy worm! Soccer game was great...I got a major cardio workout. I know my heart rate was skyrocketing I was getting so worked up about it! Soccer moms are crazy!!! My abs got a decent workout too from laughing at them. And laughing at your head haha jk!!!

  4. Kirsten: I had a great time last night! I can't wait for our walks this week :) This summer can we do walks too with brookie?? I am sure she will help us get our heart rates up.... but the soccer game was a great workout! Plus Mr. Denny's driving really had my heart beat racing too ;)

  5. Fun and exciting blog and night had by all!

  6. Mr Denny car rides is def a good way to get the heart rate going... Way better than a run ha! U made me smile bean! I can't wait till I'm no longer missing and I can join yalls walks this summer! I will provide the stories... Bc as we know taras story telling skills are lacking ha! :-) and we can do some punching Tony style while walking surely that will get the heart rates a going! I'm glad u likes the pork I can't wait to try it! And for sure Tara we are going there once a week and pb once a week. Did that free ever open in grapevine area like we thought it was suppose to? We could hit up free once a week too if so! Yay for three dinners planned a week haha! Perhaps a drive to pot Bellys once a week also! Then other three days can rotate... Just no pei Wei or outback ha! We can cook b fast for dinner Once a week! Alright good glad we got this figured out before I even return! :-)

  7. Brooke: I aint eating burritos three times a week haha... and I gotta get my pei wei in sorryyy charlie ;)

  8. I'm in San Antonio and have had NO INTERNET until now. So i'm catching up! I'm glad to hear qdoba is good! I can't wait to try it when i get back!

    As for fro-yo, i'm a sucker for vanilla wafer or really any sweet flavor for that matter.. but i also love my pomegranite tart with granola!

    I'll have to try that coppell place!

  9. Dana: You have lots to try when you get back... Qdoba and coppell yogurt place bc it was pretty good (lots of toppings). Hope your having fun in San Antonio :)


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