Saturday, March 12, 2011

My birthday festivities have already started....

Dear Matt, Aunt Gladys told me she thought about sending me a Best Buy gift card for my birthday, but she didn't want you to steal it so she went with just a check instead. Remember when we used to spend some quality time in that store... I think you were obsessed! Dear Brooke, can we please have a skype date tomorrow? I forgot what you look like ;) Today I laid outside for like a hour... you would of been so proud of me! I can't wait to get my tan on with you in about 60 days! Dear Favorite Running Route, oh how I have missed you! Some people think I am crazy for running the same route every single morning, but I just call it love. We have been through some ups and some downs, but I wouldn't change a single day. Today was definitely one of those days where I felt like I could of ran forever... I am so lucky that I found not only a sport that I can do for the rest of my life, but something that I can turn to when I just want to be with myself and do some thinking. Dear American Idol, I am just now catching up on my TV so I am a little behind, but I still love me some Paul McDonald... don't tell Matt ;)! I also really like Scotty's voice, but my vote will always go to Paul. Sorry Scotty, but I just don't dig cowboy boots, button up shirts, and tight jeans... unless your Kenny Chesney ;) Dear Readers, don't forget to spring forward tomorrow and change all of your clocks! I hate loosing a hour, but I love when it stays light outside at night... it makes me think of the late night hide-n-go seek games I used to play with my sisters and neighbors :) Kids these days are really missing out, no one plays outside anymore! 

Here are my welcome home signs! Haley made the green and white one, and my mom made the other two! (My family always makes signs for each other when someone gets home from school, has a birthday, scores a soccer goal, runs a fast race, or any other special accomplishment... It is one of my favorite traditions that we do!) I can't wait to get my birthday signs in 3 DAYS!
When I got back from running there was a huge box on the porch filled with all of this from the Bible's! I already found a new favorite snack... chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels! I definitely could of eaten the whole bag....
Thanks again for such an awesome birthday present!!

Tonight I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner, so my Granny came up with IHOP! I ordered eggs, turkey bacon, and pancakes.... it was pretty good! I love having breakfast for dinner :)
This was my mom's... I just wanted to show y'all the harvest grain pancakes with blueberries and bananas that she got. I thought they looked pretty delicious!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite kind of pancake?
I love Mimi's pumpkin pancakes and Kerbey Lane's pumpkin pancakes!


  1. Dear Tara, yes we shall try to have a skype date tonight! It will have to be later though once mitch gets home! Ugh u aren't suppose to be getting a tan without me Missy! And an hr? U def can't be stepping up your tanning game till I return or u will be sick of it before I even get back!! Oh the loop... Not gonna lie I think I might be somewhat happy to see it when I get back... But my happiness will prob only last a week or two then I will be back sick of it ha. I am gonna miss my aspire park! I LOVE it! They even re did part of the sidewalk thing and it's really cushiony and bouncy now... Mitch and I are major fans! Def agree running is the BEST lifetime sport! Yay for us being only 8 hrs apart now! I just changed my time number 2 on my watch... Can't wait till I get to switch my watch to that time for reals! oh hide and go seek I miss those days! I'm forcing my kids to play outside... None of this video game indoor crap! That's one thing about kids here in Qatar... They play more like we use to... They have intense games of soccer, they go biking, roller blading, play on swing sets, and what not...they know what's up! I LOVE our sign tradition too. I don't even remember how or when it started... We have been doing it for years! Sorry I can't contribute to your welcome home and b day signs! I know you are sad... Considering I make the best ones! :-) mitch and I are super pumped for our welcome home signs! Lucky duck... Looks like an awesome b day package! U will love the Joe joes and fat cookies! My two personal favs from TJs!! I haven't tried the apple butter yet so let me know your thoughts! Remember that time me and u ate that whole huge container of pb filled pretzels in one sitting? Oops ha! They were so addicting! I think they were from Costco or something bc it was a huge container of them... Then we never got them again so we wouldn't be tempted haha. Ihop very random! I'm sure granny was very happy... She is always suggesting ihop ha! Looks pretty dang good! I have always liked ihops pancakes! And I use to be a big fan of their omelettes and French toast too! Mommys looks really good? Was there bananas inside too or just on top? I am with u... Pumpkin pancakes is def one of my fav! With choc chips though of course! And i like whole wheat or buckwheat ones with bananas and choc chips! No syrup! We need to try mimi and kerbey side by side bc idk which one is better! I like making my own better than a restaurant... I enjoy flipping pancakes it's quite fun ha! And fun making them into random sizes and designs!

  2. Brooke: I was reading, so the hour flew by! I miss aspire park, but man do I love my loop! It wasn't a loop yesterday of course, but ill take what i can get! I am so excited about my tj stuff... but yes I remember that I think that was when we got home from paavo? Those were amazing, but nothing compared to these I mean these are covered in chocolate! Mommy's just had bananas on top! Lets make pancakes when you get home for dinner!!

  3. I found your blog from chocolate covered katie and thought I'd say hi!

    That's so fun that your family makes signs for each festive! Oh, and happy birthday a little early! Hope it's fabulous :)

  4. Thank you for saying hi! I am so glad you found my blog... I am trying to get my name out there ;) Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. Those pretzels sounds AH-MAZING!!! Chocolate + PB + Salty Pretzels = Delicious!!! My fav pancakes are Kerbey Lane pumpkin (which we will be eating lots of when we visit Brooke!!!) I also like homade whole wheat with bananas chocolate chips and walnuts! Our fam made breakfast for dinner for Fat Tuesday and we had all kinds of pancakes and omelets going! YUMMY!!!

  6. Kirsten: They were amazing let me tell ya! I can't wait to get Kerbey Lane pancakes and visit Brooke!! Your breakfast for dinner sounds delish!

  7. I'm a sucker for pumpkin pancakes! ALthough i also love chocolate chip pancakes :)

    I found a recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes i really want to try!

  8. Cinnamon roll pancakes... That sounds way too delicious for words!! Let me know how they are!! And yay for u and Kirsten visiting me all the time and we all go to kerbey lane!!! I can't wait!!! And yah I think u are right Tara... We did eat them right when we got back from paavo!! We were deprived of snacks for so long so it was allowed to eat the whole container ha! And for sure we will make our own when I get back!!

  9. Cinnamon Roll pancakes sound amazingggg I will be your taste tester ;) Since Spring Break is so short we are definitely going to have to do all this during summer! We should have a baking day every week or something!


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