Sunday, March 13, 2011


Dear Matt, I am starting to think that all you do is eat, sleep, and work. Growing up doesn't sound like fun to me.... I just want to celebrate my birthday this week, eat cake, and get presents, but stay 19 forever! P.S Papa says you look like a young Alec Baldwin! I am not seeing it, but he looks like he was a good looking dude back in the day so it's a compliment ha.... Let's just hope you don't look like the present day Alec Baldwin when your older! Dear Brooke, thanks for giving me the best birthday present ever!! I am so happy to hear that you are going to be living in Austin :) I am seriously going to be visiting you every weekend. We can have breakfast at Kerbey Lane, shop at Whole Foods, run around town lake, and get yogurt from Yogurt Spot... thank goodness I kept my frequent buyer card ;) Now will you please just figure out when you can return to the U.S.A! Dear Qdoba, It was nice seeing you again so soon, but will you please fill my tacos with more meat next time..... Regardless, it was still a very fun dinner with three of my favorite people... my mom, Granny, and Papa :) Dear Fingernails, why do you grow so dang fast? I feel like I have to cut you twice a week, but yet my toe nails seem to never grow? Thank goodness it is not the other way around though, because I refuse to go into those dang nail salons and get a pedicure. They always say, "It tickle... you ticklish" as they are massaging giving me bruises on my calves! I also refuse to pay money for something I my mom can do for free ;) 
P.S I have read all the rules for applying, and as soon as I am out of school I am submitting my video!! :)



MY NEW OBSESSION = Peanut Butter with sweet white chocolate!
I dipped pretzels into it, but I also loved eating in right out of the jar with a spoon :)

Question of the Day: What is your favorite type of nut butter?
I love Justin's Honey Peanut Butter on sandwiches, Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter to dip things in, and now this one!  


  1. TOTALLY saw that peanut butter on a blog i was following! Sounds so delicious. The peanut butter i use is the all natural stuff from kroger... but my guilty pleasure has to be crunchy peanut butter...

    I'm sure once i try this stuff my mind will change!

  2. Dear Tara, I'm with you... Who invented this real life crap? I don't want to grow up either... Way too much work ha! Im down with eating cake and getting presents for forever instead! I see it! Comparing those two photos there def are some similarities! Both of their ears are identical! And similar hair! And just face structure in general! I wonder how the heck papa realized that though... Bc I see similarities in this pic but never would of randomly thought of it. You are oh so welcome for the b day present... I am glad u like it! :-) I was hoping we would find out in time for me to tell ya as a b day present... It was hard not telling ya beforehand! Yay for us living like only 2 hrs apart! You can visit us and we can come visit u all the time!! I'm so down with kl, wf, and runs at tl! I can't wait to try out this yogurt spot that u speak so highly of!! I have a feeling we are gonna be finding lots of new Fav restaurants and desserts and shopping places in Austin!! Bc Austin is AWESOME!! Yes that's next on the agenda... Finding out actual day of arrival in the good USA!! Can't wait!! We gotta get a moving and organizing! U will be on kitchen organizing duty...your speciality!! I wonder if there is a qdoba in Austin? Or a planet burrito? We need to look into this!! Heck who are we kidding Mitch will only want to go to Marias when it comes to tacos!! They are good so Im not complaining! I cut my fingernails yesterday! And my toe nails! However...I do wish I could get a pedicure... My toes need it! The tickle tickle... Is worth the beautifulness of my toes after! I wonder if salon places here say u tickle tickle?! And pick a color!!! I should look into it! If u get on survivor I will actually watch it... That would be awesome if u became part of my weekly tv show schedule ha! I LOVE that pb too! It's like the only pb that I like! It's delicious on pretzels! I can't believe you are just now trying it! We need to try their other flavors! Then my other Fav is almond butter freshly from the grinder at central market or heb! It doesn't get better than that! If I was to have a bottled plain peanut butter...then skippy natural no stir all the way! I can't stand JIF or Peter pan or all that other junk! I like justins almond butter too... But it doesn't beat central markets!

  3. Dana: It is very delicious, and pretty cheap for a natural pb. I got it at walmart! I dont like crunchy for some reason!

    Brooke: I noticed their ears too!! But, Matt really doesnt have pointy ears so I don't know why they look like that on that pic. Papa said I didn't get a young enough picture so I will try to look again. I am shocked I didn't know anything about it... everyone did a good job bc I usually know all ;) You are getting me sooo excited about austin!!! Yah look into that they have freebirds right? You will be able to get alomnd butter any time you want soon.... :)

  4. Tara, you sound like Mitch's cousin Danielle. She refused to turn 18 and that was 6 years ago. I think about you everytime I watch Survivor. But I gotta tell you, I don't think they'll let you bring a 5-gallon tub of Justin's peanut butter for your luxury item! ..."Aunt" Carol

  5. I am liking this Aunt Carol business hah, so Aunt Carol: The real world just doesn't sound like fun!!! I hope someday you can watch me on survivor, but your right I don't know if I will make it without peanut butter!! You think we can get mail??? ;)


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