Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dear Matt, we totally showed that online test who was boss.... great teamwork ;) Anyways, I am leaving you in good ole' College Station for a whole week.... I will miss my best friend! At least your gonna be busy bringing in the dough though while I celebrate my 20th birthday! Don't worry I will eat your share of my cake... I'm sure you wouldn't want it anyways, right?? ;) Dear Brooke, lovely texting you today! I almost thought you were back in the States.... almost! Dear little boy that lives at my apartment complex, thank you for reminding me of why I want to teach kids your age! You are so dang cute, and I loved hearing all about your dog and watching you do your skate board tricks! Now that you know I am not a kidnapper, I will be asking to babysit you next time I see you! Dear Math Test, thanks for kicking my butt today! Even if I had my dang calculator I still would of stared at those same two questions for just as long. Oh well, it's SPRING BREAK in a few hours!!
Time to pack up.... I am going HOME tomorrow after class!
P.S This is going to be my first time driving home alone since I have been here :0 I usually hitchhike.... Jk! But, seriously I usually ride with Kirsten or Matt, but tomorrow it is just gonna be me and CherI believe we will be just fine ;)


Matt and I went to our favorite spot in Bryan, Village Cafe. Of course I ordered my usual "Happy Bee" which is a grilled sandwich and has peanut butter, banana, honey, and cinnamon on it with a side of tomato soup! Of course the one time I bring my camera to take a picture of it they change the bread on me!! I was so mad, because the bread they usually use is amazing and it is huge!! So, I promise I will get a better picture of the real deal next time we go, which I'm sure will be right when I get back from Spring Break ;)
It was still good don't get me wrong, but it was only a 8 out of 10 instead of the usual 10 out of 10! 
Matt ordered the local Chicken Pesto Panini. It has roasted chicken breast, seasoned house pesto, roasted red onion, red pepper, tomato and goat cheese on grilled focaccia bread with a Harvest salad.

We absolutely love this place, especially because it uses all local products... they work with 15 local growers! :0

**Question of the day: Do you try to eat organic and natural foods, or could you care less?
I will always choose the organic/natural option if I have a choice, but I am far from eating everything organic! I really don't like to spend the extra money to be honest, but when Matt buys we get natural chicken, beef, eggs, milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, and some other things too! :) 


  1. I love the concept of natural things. Trust me... I have my guilty pleasures that are SO not natural. BUT I do love eating natural stuff... At kroger, I get the freshly ground peanut butter instead of the packaged kind... Minor i know but i actually mentally feel better eating it :P AND I only get the amount I want and it lasts me a while and only cost like a dollar!

    Also.... that Cafe sounds and looks really good!
    Also... love my Kashi. It rocks my socks.

  2. Dana: I have gotten that pb before too, but I go through wayyy to much and I am really liking Justin's honey pb... but it is organic :) I love me some kashi to, and you will have to visit sometime and ill take ya there!!!

  3. Wow! That looks like a great sandwich!! Have a safe trip home. It's a beautiful day and you and Cher will be just fine! :)

  4. Dear Tara, it was very lovely texting u too!! And worked good to use today too... I didn't want u to be worried I died or forgot about your blog or anything ha! Today at aspire me and mitch were checking out all the kids playing... In a non kidnapper way of course! There was a ton of families out today and all the kids were out riding bikes and having some intense games of soccer... Mitch and I wanted to join in! One kid even ran with us for a good 200m he was so cute! Good luck on the drive!! Best part of driving alone is rocking out to music so I am sure u and Cher will have a blast!! And once u make it home... U will then realize why I always give u crap for never doing it along before... Super easy!!! :-) yah the happy bee def doesn't look as happy on that bread! U have sent me text before of other bread and it looked way more delicious! Im liking their addition of cinnamon though... Genius idea! Matts Sammy looks really good to me! I'm a pesto fan! No goat cheese for me though! I'm like u and dana... I eat some things organic but def far from everything being organic! First off I can't afford the organic lifestyle ha! So I just like buying certain of my favs organic... But I buy them bc I really like how they taste better not bc I'm worried about pesticides and what not. Like fruit... Not worth buying organic... Normal stuff is cheaper and taste the same! But my almond butter and few cereals organic all the way bc they taste DELICIOUS! Speaking of kashi I just got a new cereal at the store two days ago that I never had tried and I'm a big fan! It's the kashi 7 whole grain flakes...yum!! I never liked that other kashi we use to get Tara but I LOVE this one! I add it into my cereal milk mix now! Prob will never find it here again though! :-(

  5. Organic sounds way too liberal for me and besides that I prefer the cow $#!% stay away from my food!! Bring on the pesticides!!!

  6. First of all--I love Darin is back! HAHA And you Tara are such the blogette these days. I only buy organic when my bosses make me! HAHA

  7. If given the choice, I definitely prefer all natural/organic foods! :)

  8. I'd buy it all organic if it were cheaper, but since its not, I don't! I will buy my cereal, Kashi Go Lean Crisp, which I think its organic, but as far as fruits and veggies, I just go the regular route.

  9. Nancy: It is my favorite sandwich ever!... and I made it home safely :)

    Brooke: maybe you should bring a cute little kid home with ya ;) The drive was super easy... guess I deserved all the crap! I can't wait to take ya to village cafe when you get home! They also serve breakfast all day and their waffles look great so lets go multiple times!!! Bc when I go I always wanna stick to my usual! I have heard of that cereal... we will make great mixes when you get home!

    Uncle Darin: can you start a blog... I am sure it would be way more popular than mine filled with all your jokes :)

    Mommy: you got that right... thanks for buying me those 10 dollar apples and that pb with white chocolate in it today, oh and my local honey.... you are too good to me!

    Stefanie: I definitely agree with you! I just wish they weren't so dang expensive!

    Lauren: I do the same... I just can't get myself to buy the expensive fruit and veggies! I have never tried the kashi go lean crisp, but it looks really good!


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