Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey, that's NATCHO CHEESE...

Dear Matt, tonight I made the nachos for us, and we both agreed that they were the best they have ever been..... my cooking skills must be improving! It also only took me two minutes to open the can of black beans compared to last week's hour and a half! Woohoo Dear Brooke, today I was stalking you on facebook and saw that Dana sent you some dark chocolate with bacon in it!! Can you please post a picture of this asap. I am not a dark chocolate fan, but this I gotta see. Dear Wind, thanks for blowing me backwards, sideways, off the side walk, and every other direction but forward on my run today... The "runner" wearing the ridiculous looking barefoot running shoes seemed to appreciate it too.... NOT! Dear Aunt Gina, thank you so much for advertising for my blog! I will for sure remember this when I become one of those big time bloggers, and when it comes time to decide who to share my profits with from my work ;) Dear Police Officer a.k.a the officer who gave me my first and only ticket, you may have fooled me once by hiding behind that building, but now I know where you head after you go through the Krispy Kreme drive thru.... P.S I made sure to flash my headlights to warn all your other "victims" of your spot. You can thank me later.... one of them was your trainer!
MY MATH TEST= TOMORROW! I better go grab my calculator scratch paper and get studying.....  

P.S You wanna know what I love about running, other than getting a tan... I love how I always come up with some dang good blog ideas ;)

**Question of the day: Do you enjoy running or any type of exercise for that matter, or do you just do it so you can eat that second piece of cake? 

My drug of choice is definitely running. I've got what they call the runner's high... Give me a pair of running shoes, some food, and a gym to live in and I am one happy camper!

The goods....
BEST NACHO NIGHT EVER! Cooked by yours truly ;)


  1. Tara, the bacon chocolate is SO cool. If you are one of those people who likes to have your salty sweet snack... then it is the way to go! They have milk chocolate type too but I'm just a dark chocolate girl.

    I wouldnt say I run for fun... but i do feel better after I do it. Although... it definitely justifies the second piece of cake!

  2. Dear Tara, Congrats on the new pr of black bean opening! U have a different brand of black beans this time! And a new fresh salsa I see! Yes Dana did hook me up with some choc! It's so weird! But the salty sweet taste is really good! I will try to post a pic later so u can see. Idk if Phone pic quality will be good enough for you to see the bacon bits but I shall try! Salt and sweet is becoming a major new thing! A lot of brownie recipes tell u to add sea salt to make them extra good! I'm def a fan of the idea bc I always am in salty and sweet mood! Oh wind how I hate thee!! I still want to test out this barefoot running shoe business... I just don't see how it can be as good for ya as the ppl say! Hey now i get the most of your profits... I mean look at these long comments!! That's one bonus Of crazy driving here... They also don't believe in giving tickets! Is there even a kk in cs? He prob was at ship not kk ha. Good luck on math today! I def enjoy running! Some days running sounds awful but always once ya start and ESP once u finish i feel so glad I ran! I also do some of my best thinking while running by myself! And also me and mitch have some of our best conversations while going on a run/ walk together! But not gonna lie a second piece of cake or whatever dessert is def always a good motivator to get out there and run or bike or whatever! Nachos do look better this time nice work!

  3. Dana: I do love sweet and salty together, so maybe I will have to try the milk chocolate one! And I agree it's an extra bonus that you get to have a biggg slice of cake when you run haha

    Brooke: That's a different kind... I didn't even notice... We have to get a new salsa everytime because we eat the whole jar at one time haha. Please NEVER wear those shoes, I also saw a girl just walking around campus with them on! I almost said shipleys, but then my readers in Hong Kong wouldn't get my joke hahah. I agree with your running statement!! Peace

  4. Some dang good blog ideas is right! Hope no policemen see your blog, especially the one that gave you your only ticket! I run because I can...and I want to be like my stud daughters! And love the Natcho cheese...and they looked great. And I pass on Bacon Choc.--YUK!!!!

  5. The nachos look great! The only exercise I enjoy is dancing, but obviously I don't do enough of it!

  6. I am a big sweet and salty fan but I'm not liking this whole bacon as the salty component! I think I will pass too! Poor tary got a ticket!!! :-( You better not get one coming home tomorrow missy! Drive fast in all the right places and you will get home fast like we used to! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! Where are we going for din? My mom said you wanted qdoba or bj's? Notify me por favor!!! I gotta plan my eating for the day since we will prob be eating at like 4 haha. I definitely enjoy running. It is a great stress reliever for me and I agree I always always always feel better after doing it. I definitely have been missing it lately! I'm in the walking club at the moment! Not quite the same thing b/c I don't feel like I get as much satisfaction out of walks but if the weather is nice outside I LOVE walks!

  7. Mommy: Josh follows my blog, so I hope he reads it ;) Next week I say we go on a run together!!! :)

    Jaimie: Thank you, they turned out pretty well! And you are a busy mom you don't have time to do anything I am sure plus you dont need to!! :)

    Kirsten: I know I can't get one... my 180 days ends right after spring break so I will be careful!! I think we are gonna do qdoba.. is that fine.. it looks so good!! But either one works for me! I am still in the walking club too on some days dont worry... so we shall go one walks next week!!!

  8. I definitely love running for the endorphins!! :)

    I got a ticket this week too!!! Boo!

  9. Stefanie: I feel famous having you comment on my blog ;) I love yours btw!! Sorry about the ticket... those are no fun!!

  10. eating cake is my exercise and yes I love it!!!

  11. Uncle Darin: I wish that counted as exercise.... I mean getting up cutting piece after piece has to burn alot of cals ;)


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