Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mmm bop, ba duba dop

Dessert of the Day: Yes, another Selma Brownie... now I only have one left in my stash in the freezer :0
I also brought out my Easter plate from last year to use, since Spring is upon us! 

Dear Matt, since today is Fat Tuesday can we pleaseee get a King's Cake? I have been walking by them in the grocery store for the past month, and they really want me to buy one! Dear Brooke, I know you are not supposed to share your wishes with everyone, but my wish today is for you to be home for my birthday.... can you please grant it?? Dear Random preacher guy on campus, today I removed my headphones just to listen to what nonsense you had to share with A&M today. I always get a good laugh when y'all are out there screaming your lungs out. Someday I will stop and join the other kids who gather around and form a circle around you, but until then I will just chuckle to myself as I walk by to get to the bus. Dear Math Teacher, just in case you weren't aware we are in the 21st century.... so, can we please show Blaise Pascal, a.k.a the man who invented the calculator, some respect and actually use his invention!! Dear Cher, despite the fact that I was gasping for air on my run today, I still managed to belt out "Do you Believe in life after love".... Advice: Listen to this song if you just broke up with your significant other, mad that you can't use calculators, or just simply want to jam... it will brighten your day I promise! P.S Ty and Mitch, why did we not sing this song when we did karaoke? "Click on this LINK or this LINK for a good laugh" P.S.S. I may or may not have belted out some MMMBOP too.... don't judge me ;)
**Question of the day: What are your Spring Break Plans?
I am going home, and just chilling all week! I get to watch my sister play soccer, celebrate my 20th birthday, eat some good food, follow my mom around, be re-united with my BFF a.k.a Granny, and hang out with the rest of my crazy family! :) (Minus Brooke and Mitch :( ... they will be missed!)

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Matt didn't have work today, so we both pitched in and cooked some Salmon, broccoli, and corn! As we were cooking the Sudden Link guy showed up to fix Matt's internet.... I am pretty sure he prolonged his job just so he could stay and chat with us. Little does he know he is now going to smell like fish for the rest of the day..... definitely my least favorite thing about cooking fish.
It ended up being a delicious dinner even though we had to upgrade to a table for three..... 


  1. It is SOOO weird that you are already turning twenty!!! I feel like just yesterday we were all in matching swimsuits in Florida and were like... 7!

    That salmon looks good girl!

    So for Spring Break, I think the fam (plus spencer of course) is going to San Antonio! And then I work the rest of break.

    I can't wait!!!

  2. This may be your finest work to date! Loved the letters to random people. And I wore that Cher song out, we used to all sing it so loud in the car, Lea and Chaley too! Your dinner looked amazing--Matt and you are quite the cooks. Instead of King's Cake, Mike and I celebrated after soccer with Krispy Kreme! Can't wait to see you in a couple of days! Are you really going to be twenty--not possible!

  3. Dear Tara, why is the dessert of the day first? It confuses me! Yes dessert is worthy of being first but still I'm use to the dear matt first! Liking the Easter plate tho! I wish I could grant it... Unfortunately I can't! Send me a thousand dollar plane ticket and I will! I will suck it up and spend 20 hrs on a plane just for u if u provide the ticket! Thanks for the fact of the day...Blaise invented the calc! I agree why on earth should we do math without it considering Blaise went to so much work to invent it! Oh man good song totally remember rocking out to that in the car for months straight! Perhaps I should listen to it so it can brighten my day bc I am sad i will be missing your b day partay! You 3 def should of done that song it's s perfect karaoke song! Mmmbop haha the boys that looked liked girls! How did so many ppl think they were actually cute... still to this day I can't figure that out! I wish me and mitch were part of your spring break plans!! Well our spring break plans was Italy trip considering that was when spring break was here! My plans for the week of your spring break... Be sad I'm missing my fav sister turn 20 and missing out on the party! :-( And perhaps I will bake my own cake or brownies or something yummy and say they are for your b day but instead just me and mitch will demolish it! Good thing about our party... Less ppl to share the dessert with! :-) yay for new poll question! And yay for it letting me choose more than one answer I really like that bc I can never pick just one ha. Smelling like fish is number one reason why I don't like salmon!! Salmon smells way more fishy than most fish! When we would cook tilapia it never smelled but salmon would make house smell for days! Did the dude really sit there while y'all ate dinner? I like the addition of the "you might also like:" that's what all the hardcore bloggers do ha. I'm with mommy I liked the additional letters in this post--I had some good laughs...way to not try! :-) mommy is kk open 24/7? And woo hoo for celebrating a soccer game win 3-0!! I wish u got the kings cake nan I want to know if it's actually good!

  4. Dana: I know I can't believe it either, 20 sounds soooo old!! Your spring break plans sound fun :) But you best be at my partyyy haha

    Mommy: Thank you, and haha yah I know we loved that song!! I remember cranking it when we would drive to smoothie king everyday, remember when we did that? Great idea to get donuts.. its kinda like kings cake!! And yes your little girl is gonna be the big 2-0.... I am as shocked as you ha.

    Brooke: haha sorry bc I thought it would catch peoples eye!! Definitely listen to some cher I was seriously jammin!! I thought they were cute!! who knows why tho! Please atleast sing happy birthday to me :) But yes the dude sat in Matt's computer chair and talked to us the whole time!!! No lie. He was kinda creepy, it was looking at the mouse pad I made Matt with all the pictures of us, and he goes is that you. I was like yah, he said ohh so y'all are a couple. How long have y'all been dating, and i told him and he goes mr. Ross that is long enough to be asking about marriage haha. It was hilarious. OMG krispy kreme is open later!! I think I may have to go here!!!!! Brilliant. I am glad you liked the new additions, its not working that well yet bc it isnt showing pictures its showing words... but I emailed them to fix it!


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