Monday, March 7, 2011

Breakfast for dinner!

Dear Matt, are you aware that your over does not work?! How am I supposed to become the next Paula Deen if I don't even have a oven that works? Dear Brooke, today while I was doing my daily blog reading I came across a girl who made nut butter by simply putting all different kinds of nuts into a food processor! Am I missing something here, or does that really work... and if so can my magic bullet be used to whip me up some delicious cashew butter?! Dear Aunt Angie, Ty, & Tiffany, please come to my birthday dinner next Thursday at Granny's house... I miss you guys so much! P.S Don't tell Uncle Darin, he will eat all my cake ;) P.S.S I promise I won't make y'all look at Christmas lights.... hahaha JK... I loved family bonding in the limo! Dear Brad Womack, I can not wait to watch Michelle give you a little piece of her crazy mind. I kinda wish you would of picked her though, just imagine what your therapy sessions would of been like with that train wreck.... P.S Please do not tell me anything about the Bachelor, Matt decided it would be a good idea to get rid of my favorite thing ever the DVR... so I now have to watch it online at some point :(


Turkey bacon and eggs!
This bacon took forrrreverrr to cook, and it looked a bit strange but maybe that's what all turkey bacon looks like?
Advice: Never try to do cool tricks with eggs.... I just wanted to be like those cool cookers from the Hibachi places, but I almost lost an egg....
Put 'em together and what have you got.... Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo a.k.a "An egg & bacon sandwich"
It turned out pretty good, but it would of been better if the bread could of been toasted... MATT ;)
I also discovered timing is everything when it comes to cooking! I had a hard time getting the bread, bacon, and eggs done without something getting cold!

**Question of the day: What is your favorite "breakfast for dinner" meal?
I love pancakes for dinner... especially pumpkin pancakes from Mimi's Cafe :)


  1. I hope Granny is in on this little party! HAHA Nice little sayings in blog today--train wreck and bibbidi bobbodido stuff!! HAHA Your sandwich looks great--you are so cooking next week.I love any breakfast for dinner!

  2. I love Swiss Oatmeal...its on my blog :) I originally discovered it at Corner Bakery. It's European oatmeal, meaning its cold, not hot. I eat it every Sunday night!

  3. Mommy: Don't worry I filled her in on Sunday... she knows to make cake and my favorite pineapple chicken! I am glad you liked my nerdy sayings ;) I guess I could cook one day..... but thats it!

    Lauren: That sounds great... I love oatmeal! I usually stick with the just add water kind hah, but soon I will venture out and make me some real oatmeal!

  4. I am SO excited for your birthday party! I told granny today she has to let me help her cook. I am a secret pancake lover too (and those pumpkin pancakes are just wonderful from Mimi's although i absolutely LOVE their buttermilk spice muffins....) but i think for "breakfast for dinner" i would have to do eggs or something! Like an egg sandwich

  5. Also... loved the limo jab... you jerk. My mom's gonna kick your butt :P

  6. Dear Tara, first off u could never be Paula deen u dont LOVE butter enough... That woman uses at least three sticks per recipe! I'm thinking u are more a Rachel ray kinda girl! 30 min meals so more your style! It does work... Well kinda! Dont u remember when we first got here we got a food processor and I tried making my own? It didn't work so well though... My food processor over heated ha! Supposedly almond is hardest to make though bc it's such a hard nut so u need heavy duty food processor to do it... Like the ones at central market! They say cashew is actually one of easiest to make on own but cashews are so soft. I don't think the bullet could handle it but maybe! I tried walnuts and it worked a little better than almonds but didn't taste near as good! I even went all out and roasted the nuts before ha! So in conclusion yah it works kinda but u need good food processor that can handle processing for at least a good 7 min straight without burning up haha. I want to come to the b day party! I want the yummy chicken! And green beans! And cake duh! And I want the awesome company even more than the food... Hard to believe I know but I promise it's true ha! Maybe granny can take scary pics like y'all did for my pretend b day haha. Please do and send them to me that will at least somewhat make up for me missing out! Woo hoo for bachelor drama... We prob will watch it tonight bc we too are in the awesome online club/ watch shows days later sucks! Haha I laughed at the therapy session part... For real maybe I actually would enjoy watching those therapy sessions! The therapy dude hasn't been around lately thank goodness! He will prob be at the women tell all and finale tho! Heck he is prob brads best man! I dont think I have ever seen turkey bacon before it was cooked def looks interesting! Should of cooked in micro way faster! Hahaha bibbidi bobbidi boo?! Who says that? It def looks good so ur little phrase worked ha! I could go for an egg Sammy! They are the best! Def scrambled is the best not fried! Mitch likes fried egg sandwiches better! Do y'all not have a toaster? I had one so y'all could of stole it like everything else! ;-) I'm with mommy I LOVE breakfast for dinner! I would have almost anything! Some of my Fav is def egg sandwich similar to yours but def toasted bread and I like to add some jelly on the toast and hot sauce!! Yum yum! And black pepper in the eggs is a must! Also big fan of pancakes! Pumpkin with choc chips all the way!! Or a multigrain pancake with bananas and chic chips double yum! Then mitch and I like to do breakfast burritos with wheat tortillas, scrambled eggs, bell peppers and onions sauté, black beans, little crispy potato hash, and salsa! And cheese for him of course! Sometimes we do grilled chicken shredded in it also! Then mitch loves when I make him French toast... It's ok but I'm more of pancake girl! I do love oatmeal but I never really have that at dinner time! Me and mommy have had that Swiss oatmeal from corner bakery that Lauren is talking about it was weird. I had never had cold oatmeal like that other than there! I want to try laurens and test it out again! I think I would be a fan! Oh man I'm with Dana the pancakes at Mimi are good but they got nothin on Mimi muffins!! There and that snooty pig place remember it? They have awesome muffins too! Ugh I wanna help Dana and granny cook! Ok I'm done now I must leave this post before I become more jealous haha!

  7. Dana: I am getting so excited too.... you will definitely have to help her, and I will come too so I can learn something! I love mimi's muffins... omg I am craving one right now thanks alot ;) I just had to throw that in there. I contemplated it for a good 5 minutes, but then I just couldnt resist lol

    Brooke: hah your right, and I DO NOT wanna look like Paula Deen so I will take your word. I will have to look at what food processor she used, its on the pb blog so you can look too! We will definitely take pics. for ya dont worry! Havent you ever watched cinderalla... its from that duhh. But no toaster :( Maybe I will get yours over spring break hahah jk! I put black pepper on mine, but jelly actually sounds good I am gonna try that next time! AHHH snooty pig so good!! peace

  8. You know that you can't hide cake from me, but I can't get anymore enemies on FB, so with that in mind I will not be able to attend the party unless there is a limo ride involved. One more thing, could you please let me know if Brooke says anything that I need to know about. I didn't do that much reading when I was in school,lol!!!

  9. Uncle Darin: You seriously crack me up, can you please become a comedian. Oh and maybe I can arrange for a limo to pick you up, because you do not want to miss the FRUIT cake that we will be having. I already put in the cake request to granny....... I hope you like fruit cake muahah ;)

  10. The only way I eat fruit is in a cake!!!

  11. Don't be hating on my long posts! I just like Tara to feel loved and popular ha! I know secretly you are jealous no one is writing a novel to u daily!! One day I will write u one if u are lucky! Can u fly a plane all the way over here to get me so I can come eat cake too please?!? It's not everyday someone gets to say they flew themselves over the Atlantic!! U could be famous!


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