Sunday, March 6, 2011

You just got a letter.... wonder who it's from!

Dear Matt, this morning I went to the grocery store extra early to do my Sunday shopping.... never again will I do that! All the fruits and vegetables had been left over from the day before, which made it extremely difficult to get some broccoli that wasn't covered with brown spots! Don't worry I asked this dude to please bring me out some fresh vegetables, and after he gave me an even glare he granted my wish ;) Dear Brooke, I was trying to brainstorm today on what our restaurant could be called. Do you have any suggestions? Dear Kara Goucher a.k.a my Idol, I have two words for you.... WATCH OUT! My mom is coming for ya, she ran 10 miles yesterday holding a very impressive pace. (You make me proud Mommy!) Dear Tara, that is how I started my day out today! I got a letter in the mail from Charlie Engle also known as the man who ran across the Sahara Desert! I am thinking about ya Charlie, and every day you continue to be an inspiration to me. His situation really reminds me to be grateful for every single day, and to never waste a moment of my life being angry or mad. 
I hope everyone's weekend didn't fly by as fast as mine did....

My letter from Charlie! What a great way to start my day :) 


Tonight I had to cook myself dinner again... I decided to make a very healthy meal: Chicken, broccoli (with no brown spots), and corn! 
I steamed my corn and broccoli, and then cooked my chicken on low heat and added some olive oil and lemon pepper!
I thought the lid to the lemon pepper was neat it says, "Live in balance, in comfort,  well." -- Sounds like something my mom would say! Also I had to get a picture of the famous vinegar! My granny got me hooked on this stuff along time ago when we would go to Luby's every Sunday! I would put it on my fried fish, but now I love it on broccoli. 
Everything turned out great! I am really surprising myself on how good I am at this cooking thing. Oh and don't hate on the simple meals, I could cook fancy ones if I wanted!! ;)
P.S I had to cut my chicken into little pieces because it was taking too long to cook!!
 While I was eating this healthy meal, Matt was eating this at work.......

At least he got his veggies in ;) Poor thing...
I stuck with the healthy trend, and had a bowl of cereal for "dessert"! I loved this combination, but it was no selma cookie that's for sure!

**Question of the day: When was the last time you got a letter, and who was it from? Also, would you rather eat fried chicken or grilled chicken?
You all know who my last letter was from, and I would definitely rather have grilled chicken! I really hate fried chicken. Not because it is bad for you, but it is just gross to me..... except like chick fil a, but that doesn't really count...right? 


  1. Your dinner looks good. You might need to come cook for me and PaPa. And I never get anything in my mail but bills...... What are you wanting for your Birthday?

  2. Dear Tara, so I def noticed the title of this post...pathetic that I know it is a reference to Blues Clues?!? I think yes... Actually major yes! Anyways moving on...glad u demanded fresh veggies! U show them who is boss! As far as restaurant name goes I got nothing. Mitch and I have named some of the meals and desserts we will serve but have never came up with actual restaurant name! We have even came up with some of the descriptions of certain meals... Ya know what it says underneath each thing to describe what's in it and what not. Well we have cool funny descriptions for some! I will start working on the real name tho! That restaurant show started yesterday so we have to try to find it online so we can watch it! Woo hoo go mother!!! She really did rock those ten miles!! For real Kara better watch her back! I just love kara too by the way! Wish I had a cool poster of her like you! That's cool u got a letter from Charlie! If u write back tell him I say hi please! Man stepping up your game... Cooking chicken nowadays! Impressive! Lemon pepper seasoning looks good! I'm liking the quote on the lid too! Corn looks good but not near as good as Italy corn! U and your vinegar! Not gonna lie Matts dinner might be unhealthy but it looks delicious to me!! Love me some green beans!! I just had a bowl of cereal too! Mine was for breakfast not dessert! Sorry cereal and milk just can't be a dessert in my book I don't care how healthy it is! I had my same mix as yesterday and a south African pear! It was good but not as good as Italy pears! Well we got letters yesterday... But someone left them at work... So idk who they are from! I assume from the mothers, granny, or aunt Rhonda! They do the best job at sending mail our way!! Mitch has to go do a few things at work later so he will get them then and I will notify ya who our letters are from! Well I definitely eat grilled chicken way way more than fried! But some fried chickens def look better! It all depends on the batter! Then again I like fried chicken strips or nuggets not actual whole chicken! I'm with u chick fil a all the way! I told Mitch the other day I hope our kids Fav fast food restaurant is chick fil a haha. I'm gonna make them like it better than mc Donalds or bk or all the other nasty places haha! #5 8 pack with sweet tea all the way!! :-) poor granny only gets bills! Granny once I get back to America I will randomly send u a letter! Gotta repay u for all the awesome letters and packages u send us!! Hopefully one of the letters today is from u!! For Taras birthday she is wanting u to bring me home and make us a HUGE cake to eat! :-)

  3. Granny: haha I will cook y'all something, but you are a wayyyy better cook than me! I can't wait to have your food in 4 days!! I am not sure what I want tho.... I will be thinking!! Right now I just want your cake ;)

    Brooke: hahaha yep its blue clues!! Oh man I wanted to watch that show... let me know how it is! The descriptions are a very important part, so good job! My happy bee sandwich has a cool description! I will definitely tell Charlie you say Hi. Your breakfast sounds delish... and you hit so many food groups! :) Omg you are making me crave chik fil a, when I went in there to get my ketchup it smelled soooo good! I got kids 6 pack with sweet tea! That is exactly what I want for my birthday... make it happen!

  4. My name in the same sentence as Kara--wow! You are building me way up but thanks! I like making you proud! I'm very proud of you--that dinner looks great, and you did it ALL by yourself. Cooking next week for your mom sounds great. The last letter I got in the mail was from Caleb--my sweet grand nephew. He sent me a note and a pictured he colored. Needless to say, it made my day! Can we really go to Chick Fil A next week? Love ya!

  5. Mommy: I get the week off next week.... so sorry no cooking haha. I will cook this summer :) You don't like chick fil a do you?? Love ya too!!!

  6. did someone say "CAKE"?

  7. So i have had NO internet until now.... But my favorite chicken is definitely grilled. I feel the same way about it as you... fried just kinda irks me... EXCEPT for chick-fil-a!

  8. Dana: We are just so alike its starting to scare me.... haha jk! Glad you have internet again :)


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