Saturday, March 5, 2011


I lied I am not leaving! I was just looking at my audience for my blog, and I have gotten views from the United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, India, New Zealand, and Qatar and Italy thanks to Brooke......  that makes me so happy! :) I also got my first follower that I do not know on a personal level, so I think I will keep this up for awhile and see where it takes me! My dream is to someday have a big time blog where I have hundreds of followers.... one can dream right?! To make up for my lack of post last night I will post this morning!

Dear Matt, today= Saturday Fun Day!! I am so excited even though it is going to be filled with homework and studying for me until tonight! I am already craving my Happy Bee Sandwich, and there is still 9 hours until we hit up Village Cafe.... that's how excited I am! Dear Brooke, I can not wait to look at your pictures from Italy! I am making myself cross some things off my to-do list before I get to them though, but I promise to leave some quality comments! Dear Paul McDonald, can you be any cuter? I love your voice, you will definitely be getting my votes every Tuesday! P.S Scotty, I may give you a view votes too!
I hope everyone is happy I am no longer leaving.... if not then just pretend please ;)

**Question of the day: Who is your favorite singer on American Idol season 10?

I wanted to share with y'all my favorite sandwich of all time: PEANUT BUTTER, BANANA & HONEY! I eat one of these every day, and I seriously could live off these. I buy Justin's Honey Peanut Butter which I think is the best kind of peanut butter out there, and then local honey! I suggest you make one of these.... it will hit the spot I promise!
P.S That is my Valentine's plate from my Mommy! :)

I had another Selma Cookie last night, and I just had to show y'all one more time how amazing they look! Believe it or not they taste even better than they look! :)

2nd Question of the Day: What would your dream sandwich look like?
I know I said that one up there was mine, but to be honest I have a better one and it comes from Village Cafe! I am going there tonight, so I will take a picture and show y'all tomorrow!!! :)


  1. I'm so glad you changed your mind! I love reading your blog!! Sometimes things happen that set us back a few steps but striding out and forward is always the best option! You never cease to amaze me. And my favorite sandwich is without a doubt--fresh tomato out of the garden, chedder cheese, and turkey! Simple but dreamy!

  2. You say Paul McDonald... I say Tim Halprin... but I had a personal bias towards him! TCU REPRESENTATIVE!

    Okay. Peanut Butter + Banana = HEAVEN. Put it on an english muffin for breakfast if you ever want it but not as a sandwich... Or even do a bagel if you are ever feeling extra daring.

    My favorite sandwich is the one I make from Central Market in Fort Worth. Whole wheat bread, grilled chicken, swiss cheese (all the above heated to melt the cheese), spinach, mushroom, and avacado.

    Or just simple turkey and cheese :P

  3. Wow, Tara, those Selma cookies look awesome! You're blog is so neat, so keep it up :) I've ordered Christie Cookies before...they're from Tennesse and have Toffee Bits in them and are soo delicious!

    My favorite sandwich is something of the Greek persuasion. It's got to have turkey, hummus, red onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, and spinach. I toast an Orowheat sandwich thin for the bread. I make it every day for lunch! At Jason's Deli, I get the Mediterranean wrap and love it.

  4. Dear Tara, yay!!!! Yay x a million for you not leaving! I'm glad I can help your blog get more worldly views! That's awesome you have so many other random countries too! One day your blog will def be famous and have a ton of followers I just know it! Sounds like you and Matt had a fun night planned yesterday! Can't wait to see the happy bee sammy! I hope you liked the Italy pics! Thanks for commenting... I now have to go and comment back to everyone! I am SOOOO happy you are no longer leaving! I don't watch American idol so I don't have a fav! Your pbbh Sammy looks yummy! I haven't made one of those in forever... I use to be a big fan too! I don't put honey though...I stick with just pb and b! And I like toasting the bread! Remember when papa use to make us banana sandwiches? He would make them on white bread with mayo and bananas. That sounds so nasty now... Ewww mayo! Lovin the v day plate! As far as getting a sandwich from a restaurant my Fav is def Pot Bellys!! Turkey on wheat no cheese add tomatoes, lettuce, onions, hot peppers, Italian seasoning, and LOTS of mustard! Their mustard is the best... It's kinda spicy! And I like to tell them to put it through the toaster thing twice so it gets extra toasty! I'm liking Laurens idea of hummus with turkey that sounds delicious! Turkey here isn't very good... Well deli section in general sucks but once I get home I def am gonna try making more of my own random sandwiches! Bc I LOVE them! Add fresh veggies and it's guaranteed to be awesome! I also love a good ole pbj! Can never go wrong there! And I love it with all kinds of different jelly.. Straw, apple, raspberry, grape, whatever!

  5. Mommy: Thank you.. I love you :) Remember when we used to eat banana and mayonnaise sandwiches? Everyone thought those were so gross.. but I loved them!!

    Dana: haha Dana I kinda liked him too, but he is gone now! Putting pb and banana on a bagel sounds delish.. I will definitely try that! Your sandwich sounds good thought, I wish I liked avocado but it is just so gross to me :/

    Lauren: I have never heard of Christie Cookies, I will have to look those up! I love toffee in my cookies. Your sandwich sounds so fancy!! I want you to make my lunches ;) hah. Anyways, I am glad you like my blog! I love yours too, I have it bookmarked! :)

    Brooke: bad news... we didn't go to Village Cafe! Matt wanted Pei Wei, and I let him chose since he doesnt get to eat very good dinners now! But, we are going this week sometime, so the picture will be posted a.s.a.p! Toasting bread is good, it just takes extra time ;) haha but you have to put some honey on yours its amazing! OMG I just wrote that in mommy's comment, we are so much alike hah but yes I obviously remember those sandwiches! I used to love them :0 I knew yours would be pot belly, I need to give that place another chance I guess!!


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