Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dear Matt, if I have to hear "Not enough minerals" one more time, I may smack you! Starcraft 2, I strongly dislike you! I would say hate, but my mom tells me that's a harsh thing to say. Dear Brooke, I have a confession to make. Remember when our house flooded, and we had to move everything that was in our rooms into the dining room! Well your bank was in there and I kinda sorta tried every code... BUT it never opened! I tried every single letter and each letter had about three different notches that it could of been. I probably tried 500 different codes... What did you do to that thing and why wouldn't it open?! I am still curious to this day. Dear Pumpkin Butter, you are officially my new obsession! I feel like I could dip anything into you and you would make it taste fantastic! Sometimes I even open your lid just to smell you. Thanks again Judy and Carol for providing me with "pumpkin pie in a jar" :) Dear Mommy, today I got my Valentine's package from you!! Thank you so much, I loved all of its contents especially my new plate to add to my collection! (Every holiday my mom gives me a plastic plate with some kind of design on it that goes along with the holiday... I use these everyday for my sandwich at lunch. I have quite the collection going, I will take a picture soon.)
Hope everyone stayed warm today... This weather is crazyy!
**I challenge YOU to confess something that you have kept a secret for years now.


  1. Tara.... pumpkin butter is literally one of the BEST things in the world. I'm glad you have gotten the experience of it.

  2. Glad you liked your Valentine package! Your pklate collection is growing for sure--you always loved that kind of plate. Judy spoils you for sure!I can totally see you trying to crack the code on Brooke's bank! way! HAHA

  3. I'm glad you like the pumpkin butter and you are very welcome. Let me know how you like it in the Greek Yogurt but I have to be honest, that sounds kind of icky to me. I told Judy I felt kind of famous, I’ve never been mentioned in a blog before (at least not that I know of )----Carol

  4. Dear Tara, haha u so would! Well guess what I still remember the code to mine...and I still am not gonna tell ya! :-) Confession: I know the code to yours...bc remember yours was on a sticker on the bottom of it for awhile and when u realized u were sooo mad that I prob saw it... But I swore to u that I never saw it and didn't know what it was... Welp "tARa" I lied I def still know it ha. And also another confession-- the reason u prob never figured out mine is bc I convinced u that the code had to be on actual letters and not the tiny notches before or after the letter...considering yours was on actual letters u believed me so u prob only tried actual letters... Well guess what?!? Neither one of my knobs was on an actual letter it was either before or after a letter! :-) so if u ever get bored u now can retry every combo... It's in my closet or at least it should be! Woo hoo for u joining the pumpkin butter fan club!! I told u it was to die for! Hahaha u would open it just to smell it... I still think that was prob one of the hardest mitch has ever laughed at u when u were telling him about smelling the cake instead of eating it haha. U are so strange! Today I resorted to making my own version of pumpkin butter bc I already demolished the other one... I mixed canned pumpkin, apple sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and a little cayenne together! It was quite delicious considering I was winging it! So be thankful u live in a country that actually sells it! Please do post a pic of your v day plate and what else u got in your package for me to see! I like the challenge today it's a fun one!! Everyone needs to comment! Including u mother come on now don't be a chicken!!! Ppl can confess anonymous so we don't know who it is... That would be fun to read if everyone did it! So hop on it people! Well I already confessed I know yours and that I lied about mine... But I will do something else too to make up for the lack of confessions! ;-) So u know those reef black flip flops that u loved and u lost them and then saw that I had them on one day and u were like hey those are mine!!! But I told u no I have my own pair too I don't know where yours are! Well that was a lie they were yours and I loved them more so I wanted them. And mommy already had told u that she would get u new ones so I figured eh u wouldn't mind! So really u can thank me bc u got a fresh new pair! Also during that whole Haley razor situation... Which was quite hilarious by the way...once u ended up getting a new one with granny I used yours bc I wanted to know what was so good about it to make hales want to steal it! No worries I only used it once on only one leg bc I didn't think it was that special! I like my razor better!

  5. I will do one more confession that doesn't have to do with you but it's a pretty good one that only mitch knows about well actually Kirsten and
    montes also know... Ok so right when me and mitch first started dating I stayed at his house all night (no worries nothing crazy went down people I'm not that person) ...well the next morning his phone rings and it was his mom and she was parked outside his house waiting for him so they could go to church! First off I
    didn't know she was in town. Secondly this is literally like the first day we officially started dating so I didn't know anything about his mom so I was like oh **** she is gonna think Im some horrible person if she thinks I stayed here with u. And Mitch was like no she won't just walk out to your jeep and leave and I will get ready real quick and go out after u so we can head to church. I was like what?! U want me just to walk out there right now... He was like yes... I was like should I wave or something haha... I was seriously freaking out and he was like no just leave I will handle it. So I walk out and bee line to my jeep and leave as his mom is staring at me prob wondering who the heck is this chick! I then head to montes house so that's why him and Kirsten know the story... They were cracking up at me and thought it was the most funny thing they have ever heard! Well later I can't wait to talk to mitch to see what his mom said... He said he got out there and she asked was that brians girlfriend? And mitch said no. Then she asked was that joes girlfriend? He then said no. She then asked was she there with u? And he said yes... But said we had been dating for like a month or something like that. (which was def a lie it literally was like 1 day really dating). This was April 19th... And I always wondered if his mom would pick up on the fact that we hadn't started dating earlier like he had said when he proposed a day before our anniversary and she knew that he did it then bc of anniversary! Anyways he claimed she didn't say anything bad about the fact that I was there... she just wanted to know more about me and said I was cute and commented on how she liked my Nike shorts haha. So then the first time we actually met during that next summer I was so nervous and still thinking my gosh I can't believe that had happened...and kept asking mitch she doesn't think I'm some terrible person right?!? So yah there's my confession... And mitchs confession... Hope he doesn't mind ha! :-)

  6. Brooke if you think I am going to post something after yours. I would get in so much trouble!!!!


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