Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be Happy! :)

Dear Matt, have you ever thought about being a chef? I think it may be your true calling; that wild salmon was superb tonight! P.S Can I give you your ValenTIME's present already? Today I almost ruined the surprise for you because I am so excited about it!! Dear Brooke, when I was at the Rec today I had this dream while awake which was weird, but you were pedaling right next to me. It was one of those kind of dreams where you never wanna wake up because if you do it never comes back. Well, guess what I must of snapped out of it real quick because when I looked up you were gone!!! I let out a few tears, then went right back to pedaling. It was very sad. P.S I totally made that up, but wouldn't it be awesome if we could really bike next to each other!? Dear Mommy, I am really missing you and home right now! What are your thoughts about having a visitor, your favorite daughter, on February 25th? We can run errands, watch some TV, eat some good food, and much much more! :)
**Quote of the day: 
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. - Marcus Aureliu.


  1. Dear Tara, yes that would definitely be awesome! Start trying to figure out how we can make it possible! Zip has been a good biking buddy but u would make a much better one! I wanna join the coming home party feb 25th! Nice quote... I'm a fan! Also I'm liking the addition of pics that u got going! Very fancy! :-) Later I will get on mitch's comp and attempt becoming a real follower for ya... Considering I am your number one fan and commenter I should prob make it Blog official! Where's my question or task for the day?! Those are my fav!

  2. I posted this morning and now its gone! I love the quote--sounds like something I've heard or said before! HAHA And yes I would love my shadow to come home--please do! Mommy


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