Monday, February 7, 2011

Guns of Steel

Dear Matt, what a successful day today was! You are officially richer, and you got rid of the bike you used three times ;) Now if only I could convince ya to watch The Bachelor with me, then this day would be remembered as one of the best Mondays of all! Dear Brooke, we are about to start learning how to teach kids how to read in my reading class! He said the best way to learn is to practice with real kids, so would you hurry up and have some kiddos! I will have them reading by age 2! P.S I am sorry mommy for my encouraging words, but I am really dying to be an Aunt! I keep having dreams about it..... :) Dear Muscle Contest, watch out I am coming for that 2011 trophy! I bench pressed 3 sets of 5 of 65lbs. tonight.... just call me muscle woman! Matt ain't got nothing on me, I will be doing 3 sets of 5 of 190lbs. just like him in no time!!
Bachelor is on... Everyone run to your TV!
**I challenge YOU to tell someone what your favorite part of today was!  
Mine was my run and Pei Wei Monday with Matty!


  1. was going to Haley`s game and freeze my ..... Off!!!!!! Granny

  2. Dear Tara, As soon as we have kids we will send them over to awesome auntie tara's house so u can turn them into baby geniuses! I'm sure they will have mitch's brains so perhaps u can even get them reading by their first b day! Don't worry about mother... Deep down we know she wants grandkids soon so she can spoil them rotten! Don't u worry though I will notify ya as soon as your dreams are about to come true! :-) About this muscle contest... It's in Cali so count me in for coming to cheer ya on! Better get to practicing... And a tanning so u won't have to look like the nasty orange muscle builders ha. Speaking of orange I had a very good one this morning! My new thing is I ask one of the workers at the store if a certain type of orange has seeds in it (bc I don't like seeds so I want to get a non seed one) and the guy peels one of them right there to check! It's awesome! So in conclusion I keep getting awesome oranges at the store... So juicy and flavorful and no freaking seeds it's glorious!! I hope bachelor was as cheesy as always... We will watch it tonight! Granny- how is sitting in the freezing cold the best part of your day?!? Did u not eat some of the random desserts u have been baking yesterday?! Bc that def would have been more fun ha. Best part of my day yesterday was when Mitch shaved his face extra extra extra good just for me! He said he even shaved twice to make it super smooth! Gotta love a husband with a nice soft face that isn't prickly when he kisses ya!! Also I enjoyed watching old greys anatomys with mitch on netflix... What would We do without Netflix?!? Also one more thing... Best part was reading that u had a good run Tara!! Love u!

  3. Yes I do want grandkids but NO time soon! And best part of day on Monday was finally back to work--no ice or snow!


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