Sunday, February 6, 2011


Dear Matt, our party was definitely a huge success! Everything about it turned out perfect.... the decorations, chips, dips, hummus, big dipper pizza, m&m's, cookie cake, and the BIG WIN!! I think my mom is right we need to have a Super Bowl Party every year! Not gonna lie you shocked me with your decorating skills and the pretty display of all our food.... especially that cheese ball! Dear Commercials, you kinda let me down this year... I was not impressed. My thumb almost got stuck in a thumbs down motion during the rating game Matt and I played! Dear Brooke, next year you better be at our party.... with cake balls! ;) We missed you and Mitch, and definitely could of used some more big eaters! Dear Montes, sorry we could not make it to your party, but congrats on winning 1st and 3rd in the Soup Cook Off!  
**Question of the Day: What did you do for the Super Bowl?

After having three cookie cakes in one week, this one was by far the best! Loved the icing!

Pizza Huts Big Dipper Pizza = #1 Best Pizza
Matt was going to surprise me with everything laid out and decorated, but I came to early! Matt cut out the footballs, and I cut out the letters from construction paper! We had tons of chips, hummus, bean dip, guacamole, cheese ball, m&m's, cookie cake, pizza, and beer for Matt! 
This was my Super Bowl outfit hah
PB M&M'S and Peanut M&M'S Packer style!


  1. Dear Tara, your party definitely looks like it was a success!! I'm jealous! Mitch and I really wish we could have joined! For sure next year we are so there! With cake balls and millions of other treats! I'm thinking pigs in the blanket are a must! And bagel bites perhaps! We can relive the younger years! I am impressed with matts cheese ball too... Did he make it from scratch or buy it and make it pretty looking by laying crackers around it? You guys def will be in charge of hosting the party every year and decorating then everyone else can contribute by bringing random goodies! I think your superbowl "outfit" is what won it for the packers... U be styling! Congrats Montes on your soup cook off! We miss u and your yummy food! :-) Lets see what did we do for the super bowl... Oh that's right we were sleeping! Fun stuff let me tell ya! Don't be too jealous! Actually u should be little jealous bc we were sleeping on nice clean fresh sheets that I washed yesterday... Gotta love that! Let's just say next year super bowl will be way more fun when we are at yalls partay!!!! :-)

  2. i got a shout out! woo hoo!


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