Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dear Matt, I loved jammin to Mt. Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone with you, and making the people above you bang on the ground because the bass was so loud! P.S One day left until our big party ;) We are officially stocked up with all the essentials! Dear Brooke, #122 on our list of things to do when you come back is to EAT the world's largest cookie and #123 is to swim in mud. Actually swimming would be gross so how about we just make a huge mud pit (the kind you eat of course) then eat it once we have it in our own individual bowls... You know how I am about germs. 104 days until you return!! I am getting excited just thinking about it... I need my other half! You are the banana to my PB, honey, and banana sandwich, the vinegar to my broccoli, and the dessert to my mouth. Okay, I will stop, this is getting weird.. point is I MISS YOU! Dear God, thank you for giving me the opportunity today to talk to such an inspiring man. Last year every morning on my run I would see this man riding in his "exercise"wheel chair all over College Station pushing it as fast as he could. We would always smile at each other or give a little wave, but never any more than that. Today, when I was biking at the Rec I saw this same man pushing himself along on the indoor track. I watched him do this for about a hour wishing I could talk to him. Finally I got up from the bike and started walking and talking next to him as he finished up his last few cool down laps. He recognized me right when I walked up to him, and he said "It's too cold to be outside today". I agreed with him, and told him exactly why I was stuck on the bike instead of running laps around the track. I was curious as to what actually happened to him so I asked. I am embarrassed to say, but I didn't really understand him. He said something about losing his legs in a Revolution. We talked for quite some time, and he said he does this almost every morning and averages about 8 miles a day! He hopes to even compete in a marathon some day, but has to get a different chair that goes faster for that type of race. It was so inspiring to listen to what he does everyday, and he was willing to talk about his whole story while having a huge smile on his face. It made me really step back and change my attitude about the "problem" I am dealing with right now. This man has gone through so much, and he doesn't let it get in the way of his happiness or goals. I am so happy I brought up the courage to go and talk to him. I think it made both of our days, and I think it was very important that I told him what an inspiration he was to me even before I met him! Dear Judy, today you told me to check my mail.... I feel like it is Christmas Eve! I have to wait all night to see what Santa brought me! I will notify you as soon as that office opens and I get my "present". My sister's mother in-law, father-in law. and brother-in law are definitely the coolest! :)
**I challenge all of you to do something you wouldn't normally do... Life is short.. take a chance! 


  1. Dear Tara, hahaha u crack me up! "dessert to your mouth"... U are so weird! But I definitely am all of those things... I love being your other half!! I mean the two of us together gets things done (ESP with our sneaky ways ;-) ) and when we are together everything is better! I mean u can't have a pbbh Sammy without the b! Here's a few more just to weird ppl out even more bc it'd fun ha... I am the water to your not so smelly oatmeal, the milk to your carnation, the choc chips to your doughy cold cookie cake, the brownie bites to your chocolate x treme blizzard, the reeses to your fro yo, the sprinkles to ur rainbow cookie poptart, the seasoning to your salmon, the terriyaki to your pei Wei chicken, the black beans to your free birds... Let's just face it without me your food would suck ha. So down with 122 & 123 (I guess we can do individual bowls) #124 run a marathon 125: double daves 126: make fun of Tony and get strong 127: get a tan (more than 30 min a day u can do it) 128: start up our own business ... The list continues! That is so cool about the guy u met! Definitely puts things into perspective! I'm glad u made an effort to go out of your way to talk to him! I'm sure u made his day as much as he made yours, mine, and everyone else who reads this. You can thank me for finding u the best sisters mother in law, father in law, and brother in law out there! Hales doesn't stand a chance beating me... I got the best there is! :-) and also yay for mail... I don't think I will ever out grow the excitement I have everytime I get mail! I will be 101 years old feeling like it's x mas everytime I receive something in the mail! As long as it isn't bills that is! So tara let's make a promise to send each other random letters and packages when we are older so we can always keep getting excited about mail! Deal?! Ok good! I'm trying to think of something I can do for the challenge... Kinda hard to find something new in this apartment ha. I might have to save this challenge for a later date! I could not hit the window and give the birds a heart attack like I normally do when I see them land on the window ... That would be different and kind of me! :-)

  2. You two crack me up! You need to tell Coach Henry he said hi and about meeting him. He could tell you what really happened since we quite didn't understand the comment. I'm so proud of you--you are your mother's daughter for sure. Love ya, Mommy


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