Friday, February 4, 2011


Dear Matt, I just wanted to remind you one more time that I made a higher grade than you on our first assignment in our online class... in your face! Oh and thanks for sharing with me that your favorite Disney movie as a kid was Little Mermaid only because you thought Ariel was hot (Sorry I am not a red head). Dear Friday, you were everything I imagined and more. I got absolutely nothing done all day, but I did experiment in the kitchen! I thought I would be healthy and get a squash at the grocery store (I hate squash). I cooked it on the stove with cinnamon, because cinnamon makes everything taste good... except squash apparently :/ Don't worry I washed it down with some chili, wheat thins, and another cookie cake! Matt talked me into it, I tried to say no! ;) Dear Brooke, remember when we used to eat tons and I mean tons of cereal at a time? Well I was looking up cereal eating contests and came across this Cookie Eating Contest! Its February 13th in San Diego, so I will meet ya there... bring your appetite ;) But seriously check the website out... peanut butter overload= heaven! Dear Katherine, just in case you forgot, you ran freakin fast today in your 5k! I am so proud of you "person". Please don't freeze in New York! Dear Miles, mommy sent me a picture of you today and you were looking a little wind blown.. but still so cute. I actually miss you :0 
**Question of the day: What are some healthy and easy vegetable dishes, that will actually taste good?
Hope Everyone had a great SNOW day! Check out the world's tallest SNOWMAN!

Miles thinks it's too cold!!!
Wish I would of got a picture of my squash creation!

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  1. Brooke aka cookie!!February 5, 2011 at 1:13 AM

    What is it with boys thinking Ariel is hot? Personally I think she is quite ugly! Belle is way more pretty than red head Ariel! Very true... Cinnamon does usually make everything good! Sorry it didn't turn out! Here are my suggestions for healthy vegetable dishes u should try: 1) sweet potato fries... So good! And cinnamon does make these even better! 2) roasted butternut squash in oven also cinnamon makes these delicious! 3) can of green beans and black eyed peas mixed together on stove with black pepper (the other spice that makes everything better) 4) stewed okra and tomatoes very easy and quite tasty... Just buy frozen okra and put it on stove with canned stewed tomatoes or diced tomatoes and add some garlic and black pepper and boom u got deliciousness 5) black beans mixed with some corn and chopped up bell peppers and onion and garlic heat it up on stove together! Could even mash it and add some diced tomatoes and turn it into a salsa! 7) (yes I skipped a number but I hate that number) can of butterbeans easiest thing but good add pepper of course 8) a roasted vegetable medley chop up onions, baby carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, Red peppers,whatever really toss it in olive oil add some spices bake in oven at 400 for like an hr! 8) make a bean salad mix navy beans, kidney beans, and another one with some evoo lemon juice some herbs and spice some diced tomatoes. 9) Rosemary skillet potatoes... Even I like those if crispy! 10) vegetable soup is best u just throw everything in a pot u can't go wrong! That's all I got for now... If u want details about any of the above u know where to find me. Oh cilantro added to stuff makes things good! Anyways... Glad the chili and wheat thins and cc was a success! OMG I'm so down! Buy my ticket and I will be there! The link u put just took me to cookie website it wasn't about the eating contest... But the website was awesome! Please sign me up for the cookies of the month club! We should order some and see how they are! I want to design my own! The choc chip one looked like best choc chip cookie I have ever seen! Boring flavor but I bet it's awesome! Pb overload totally looks like a u and mitch cookie! The apple strudel one looked good to me! And the Oreo one looked way yummy! I want to open a cookie business! Mitch and I also thought Miley looked so cute... Made us miss him even more! Screw worlds tallest snowman... Show me a link of worlds largest cookie! :-) can't wait for your blog about super bowl party!! Laters!


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