Thursday, February 3, 2011


Dear Matt, last night I was watching Parenthood that I recorded and you asked me, "Why are you watching the commercials?" I said, "I am watching the Papa John's commercial to make sure it doesn't look better than the Big Dipper Pizza!" You laughed, but you will be thanking me in 3 days when we have the best pizza ever for our SUPER BOWL PARTY! P.S Can we order some chocolate dunkers too? Dear Brooke, today when I swayed away from my usual Freebirds order I thought of you. I'll give you a hint why you popped into my head..... CORN! Dear Kellogg's, your newest invention, Frosted Rainbow Cookie Sandwich Poptart, just might be one of your most brilliant ideas yet! I want to go to Walmart right now to buy more! Dear Mommy, I am getting a little jealous of this snow week y'all are getting! If I was home I would totally help you organize, clean, and stick my hand in the freezing cold pool...... or maybe we could just lounge on the couch and watch good shows and eat your stew instead?? P.S Mr. Weather said he gets a kick out of you cussing the pool out, so the freezing temperatures may stay around a little longer. Dear Hair, I just wanted to tell you that whenever you feel like people are staring at the cinnamon roll style just remember at least it doesn't look as bad as this...... 
;) Meet cute little Matt and his choppy bangs!

 Tomorrow= SCHOOL Lazy Day!!!
 **Question of the day: What is your favorite kind of POPTART? I have several.... Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie,  and Chocolate Fudge just to name a few!


  1. Dear Tara,
    First off I love the title of this one! I am jealous of yalls super bowl party... Sounds fun! I think u guys should get something from all the pizza places to test out! Personally I would go with antonios for the actual pizza. Then u could get big dipper from pizza hut to be more like breadstick pizza. Then u could get the cinnapie thing from papa johns... I always thought it looked good never tried it though. Then u must must must get chocolate chip cookie dough pizza from double daves! Also mitch and I recommend the cinnamon rolls there...So good! Then u could get Dunkers also at pizza hut... Bc I'm interested to hear how they are! I doubt they got nothing on double daves! So yah there's my suggestion! I'm impressed u changed up your free order! Corn is a good add! It's better at planet burrito though bc it's all grilled and blackened and delicious! Are u sure I popped into your head or did u mean to say pooped into your head haha. So the rainbow cookie flavor was a success good to know! Did u end up liking smore? I would have to say my all time fav flavor is brown sugar cinnamon... Can't go wrong with that one! However I think nature path toaster pastries are a million times better than kellogs poptarts.
    Everyone should try them! They have lots of good flavors! Just bc they are called toaster pastries don't think they are more similar to toaster strudels bc they aren't they are just like poptarts but better flavor i think! U need to ask ppl how they like to eat their poptarts tara... Toasted, microwave, cold?!? Toasted in toaster for me! Thank goodness when I got bangs they didn't look like that... I would have wore a bag over my head until they grew back ha. Jk matt u look oh so cute minus the bang mishap! Yay for lazy days!!!
    (hope u don't mind my letters back to u being as long as your letter... When it comes to responding to u I only know how to do it one way... Long!!!)

  2. Matt-I love the bangs! HAHA Tara--I wish you were here too for lots of reaqsons! Mr. Weather--you are making me cuss way too much! Love ya, Mommy

  3. You're mean!

  4. Your Favorite Aunt :)February 4, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    Tara...I just found your blog...this is great! I love it!!!! Miss you!

  5. Oh...and I don't really eat pop-tarts. But when I do...I like the s'more ones! :)

  6. Oh by the way my favorite is cherry! Mommy


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