Thursday, February 10, 2011

World's Largest Peanut Butter Cups!

Dear Matt, thank you for lending me your BIG, WARM coat the past few days. Without it I would turn into a popsicle walking to the REC. I make sure and take it off right when I walk in, and then put it on right before I walk out. I wouldn't want to be "Caught dead in it" as Haley would say, because it kinda swallows me and makes me look like a freak. But really thank you, and could you please get me "The Original Insulated Windfoil Parka" from Eddie Bauer next Christmas ;) Dear Brooke, OMG check this out NOW! Not only is there a Hershey's Chocolate World, but it is in Dubai! Please hop on a plane now and go there. They have the World's largest Reese's Peanut Butter Cups :0 I am pretty sure you can't beat that amount of peanut butter! Dear Kristin, Emerson called me last night! He wants to come to College Station to meet his favorite cousin! I guess you can come too ;) We need to have another photo shoot, but Emerson might make us look bad (See below). Dear Math Test, pretty sure I ate you for lunch, even after I lost two sections of my notes two days before the test! I never loose anything, I don't know how it happened... I think someone stole them! HA 
**Question of the day: What is your favorite type of candy?

Nags Head 2009 Photo shoot with Kristin
Emerson is single FYI

I now know why I was freezing my butt off in New York, and Matt wasn't! You punk ;)

Pretty sure that is what Heaven looks like!


  1. I'm skipping confession day and going with my favorite candy is Snickers!!! And love the picture of Big E!!! Tara...where do you get all these thoughts from? Congrats on the math test. And you do need a big coat for Christmas--like I got last year! Mommy

  2. I'm skipping confession too mainly becaue I'm still brainstorming what to confess! I'm not a big candy fan but my favorite right now is most definitely pb m&ms! We met last fall and have been inseparable since! Perfect with my popcorn for my sweet and salty snack! Love, Kirsten

  3. Dear Tara, No worries a trip to Dubai is definitely on the to do list! Mitch actually already saw this place when he went there... He said it really isn't that cool it's just like the m&m and Hershey one that is in New York. Also he said everything in there cost a ton... So that stinks! But when we go I def will at least take a pic of the worlds largest reeses for ya! Emerson would def make y'all look bad...I don't mean it meanly but look at the kid he is adorable y'all don't stand a chance!! Yay for eating the math test as lunch! I'm pretty sure my heaven doesn't look like that... Mine consists of much better things than reeses! I'm with Kirsten on not being much of a candy fan! Really only candy I like is plain dark chocolate with no nuts or filling or any other crap... I like the smooth yummy ones! Aka dove dark choc heart promises! See my fb for a pic! :-)


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