Friday, February 11, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Valentine's Day......

Dear Matt, since you love my singing voice so much, I decided I am going to try out for American Idol!! I know my mom, Brooke, Mitch, and Haley just love when I sing "addoobadeedooo", so I hope you all are there to support me at my tryout ;) Dear Brooke, in The Middle they were making Valentine's Day mailboxes. Remember when Granny helped you make that really awesome one! You used it for years, and then it got passed down to me! Also, they sold sour candy lips at our school, and you could send them to all your friends! I think I remember you sending me one... what a nice sister! Wanna send me more?... I loved those things! Dear Granny, thank you for your daily pep talks on the phone. They truly do help me! Sometimes I need someone to knock some sense in to me, and talk me through my daily struggles. So, thanks for being there for me :) Dear Bicycle Seat, why must you be so small and uncomfortable. I think my butt is getting more sore than my legs... pretty sure that's not supposed to happen! Dear Haley, mommy just called me and told me YOU SCORED A GOAL in your soccer game against Coppell!! Woohoo so proud of you little sister! I hope y'all win!
It's the WEEKEND everybody :)
** Question of the day: What is your favorite Valentine's Day memory?

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  1. Dear Tara, u so should try out! I think u should sing good ole Celine Dion for your try out song... They so will pick u if u do! Funny your blog was about singing bc I have been playing my touch through the speakers we just got throughout the day the past two days... And of course I sing a long to every song and my voice is oh so beautiful! I like to think my singing voice is helping Mitch get his work done ha. Prob doing opposite... But hey at least I provide him with entertainment! Of course I remember mailbox! We watched that episode last night and I was thinking of that box me and granny made (ok just granny)! It was by far the best one! I miss elementary v day parties! They were the best! Oh my goodness I totally forgot about those things!!! So awesome u found them and remembered! They were so good too! Yah I did send u some! I remember how cool I would feel when I would get some... Bc remember ppl like came into the classroom to deliver them so like everyone would see and think u are oh so cool and popular! I wonder if they still do it? And it was the cool thing to send them anonymously! Oh elementary school days... I wanna go back! Granny is the best! I always love my skype talks with her! Haha welcome to the wonderful world of biking... Guess what it never gets better! ;-) I do think it gets firmer though so u can look forward to that! :-) yay hales! Wish we were all there to see it! U are awesome! Fav v day memory... V day 2009 I wrote Mitch several letters that gave him clues to where to find me. And also in the letters I told him to pick up some milk and coffee before getting to the destination! Well eventually the letters made him end up on the roof of the Jason deli shopping center area in cs. And once he got up there I had set up a ton of blankets and candles and what not. Then u ask why coffee... Bc it was freezing it was next to impossible for me to keep the candles lit. Why milk u ask? Well I knew he would want milk with what I made him... I made grannys yellow choc chip bundt cake! This was the first time I made it on my own and first time Mitch had ever had it! He of course loved it! I mean how could anyone not like that cake? So yah that was one of my fav! Another fav was last year when mitch surprised me with making brownies and he undercooked it and put practically non cooked brownies into a red heart and put it in the fridge! It was soooo good! And we went to nice restaurant and got hummus that was good... Who would of thought at that time we would be moving to a country that has hummus everywhere and even more delicious ha! Then this year v day in Italy! I think that is gonna top them all!!! What was yours tara?


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