Saturday, February 12, 2011

You've got MAIL!

Dear Matt, going to downtown Bryan was a blast as usual! I love going into the antique stores filled with junk, someday I will find something amazing that I can't live without! Oh and my Happy Bee sandwich was amazing as always :) Dear Brooke, while I was in Bryan I found baby forks and spoons!! I wanted to buy you one so bad since you are obsessed, but then I saw the price... $75.00!! Sorry but no baby utensil is worth that much. Plus they were used... GROSS!! Dear Granny, today I got not one, but THREE things in the mail from you! Thank you so much for the Pei Wei gift card, tank top, and frame! I also had a nice little surprise for me on my doorstep when I got home... FRUIT OF THE MONTH! This month I got oranges :) If there was an award for World's best Granny, you would get it for sure.
P.S It is finally SUNNY!!
**Question of the day: Do you collect anything, or have you in the past?
Hope it's not beanie babies because those things sure ain't selling at the antique stores!! Can't believe we all bought those things!!

Expensive baby spoons and forks.. must of been Abe Lincolns?

Cara Cara Oranges!

Valentine's package from Granny!


  1. I definitely collected Beanie babies.... biggest mistake of my life...!

  2. Dear Tara, I can't wait to come to cs to visit u and matt and we all go to downtown Bryan! It will happen next year at some point I promise! Yay for baby forks and spoons! Dang that is quite pricey they really must of been Abes! Too bad they didn't have them on sale for his b day yesterday! Jealous of your fruit of the month! I totally called that oranges would be next! I need to see if they have Cara Cara ones here. Do they have seeds? Packages sent to u are sure a heck of a lot cheaper ha! Don't u love how granny always adds stickers and random cute things to her boxes? I always love them! Tara you forgot to tell everyone about your collection of black straws haha. Oh beanie babies... We have so many! For real we have over thousand dollars worth of beanie babies easily! Maybe one day they will be worth a lot and we will become millionaires! Well I too collected beanie babies obviously ESP all the dog and bear ones. Mitch and I are starting to collect reindeer things bc that is going to be our x mas theme every year! We already got the cutest bucket reindeer thing that holds candy in London! :-) tara disagrees that it is cute... But her vote doesn't count! We also ate collecting a painting/photograph from every country we go to! So far we have got really awesome ones! Hopefully we find a good one in Italy to add to the collection! Yay for sunshine! Hope it stays that way for ya!

  3. Do you know how much time and money I wasted on Beanie Babies? I would get up early morning and go stand in line for Princess Diana bears-oh my gosh! Please pray they will be worth something one day! HAHA I collect snowmen! Finally a question I can answer! HAHA


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