Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Fortune Cookie says......

Dear Matt, I loved the switch a roo of the fortune cookies at Pei Wei tonight... I am so lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend! Our early celebration of Valentine's Day was perfect, except for the fact that we looked terrible in pictures ;) P.S I better see that duster I got you put to good use! Dear Brooke, I am so sorry I did not purchase the cake balls I saw today! I really just didn't want to make ya jealous! Add making cake balls to our list of things to do when you return! I did buy Matt a vanilla cupcake candle, does that win me any brownie points? Dear Crazy Cousins, until I can decide on my favorite I will address you all as one! Just kidding... I LOVE YOU ALL! Can we have a cousin reunion over Spring Break?! Lets meet at the ranch on the sports court like old days.... maybe even get some Luby's after! P.S I have a confession, I once had my birthday party at Luby's.... It was AMAZING! 
TOMORROW= Monday  Valentine's Day!
** Question of the Day: What was the coolest birthday party you have ever had?
I finally hunted down a girl scout and got Matt some cookies for Valentine's Day! 
M&M's! Also, the cupcake candle is behind me!  
Dinner at Pei Wei! Every time we go Matt and I trade fortune cookies. Tonight he brought one of the cookies that I got made two years ago for him! It was a nice surprise :)
There it is... the famous Selma brownie!
Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day :)


  1. Dear Tara, Happy Valentines Day!!! I can't believe u didn't buy any!!! I am very disappointed! There is no such thing as having too many desserts! And plus they would have been better than everything u already have prob! I guess the vanilla cupcake candle gives ya enough brownie points to at least not be in the negatives! :-) oh sports court days... They were the best! Haha I totally had forgot that u had your b day there once... Only u! U were so obsessed! Too bad they closed! I wonder where the closest one is now?! I wonder how many times we have been to lubys in our lifetime... Def way more than the average person ha. Idk there's prob several grandma and grandpas that go every day! Yay for finding matt girl scout cookies... Even though cake balls are better! Yay for yalls fav m&m's... Even though cake balls would have been better! Yay for Selma... Even though cake balls would have been better! :-) Hope y'all had a great v day even with the lack of cb! P.S your tank top is cute... U look very v day spirited! Oh P.S. Again I forgot to answer the question of the day... Um best b day I'm not sure...they are all good when they include grannys cake or a cookie dough cake! Next b day I'm having cake balls! :-) ... I just love giving u a hard time!

  2. It is so funny that Matt did a fortune cookie thing! I got Spencer a HUGE fortune cookie for Valentine's day. And yes he did take me out! And yes it was nice and sweet... so he did a good job and should get the approval of Tara :P

    My coolest birthday party.... hmm... well gosh MOM i've had so many! Maybe the campout at Grannys... even though everything went wrong. But we had the right idea and it was pretty cool!

    Happy Valentine's Day Tara! Hope you and Matt have a good time :)


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