Monday, February 14, 2011


Dear Matt, just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any better, you gave me the most sweetest and nicest card you have ever given me! Thanks for making me feel special, I love you! Dear Brooke, I feel like I let you down on the text updates today so I apologize! Today was great because it was Valentine's Day of course, but rough at the same time. I just figured if I don't share the not so good things going on then they will just all of a sudden disappear! You think that's how it works?? Anyways I miss you tons and America is ready to have you back here, so make it happen! Dear Daddy, thank you for the amazing Valentine's package I got in the mail today! I am officially stocked up on peanut butter and chocolate candy.. which just so happens to be my favorite :) I can't wait to eat my huge Reese's heart, it is almost as big as the World's largest peanut butter cup... almost. One problem... one of the Reese's was addressed to Matt? Don't worry I took care of your mistake and scratched his name out, just kidding he says thanks too! I also can't wait to go to Outback with my gift card! Maybe I will even go on a Monday night and pretend you and Haley are there with me. Anyways thanks so much, your the best dad in the world!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day and ate lots of candy!!
**Question of the day: What did you do for Valentine's Day?


  1. I had a wonderful Valentine`s Day, we went to Outback with Grandmother and 8 other friends. Love Granny

  2. Dear Tara, no worries... You are allowed to slack on texts every now and then! At least u sent me a few! You are not allowed to just send none though EVER! We can hope that's how it works!! Miss u way more than tons Nanners! My arrival in America is getting closer and closer thank goodness! Thank u daddy for giving her an outback gift card... Now hopefully she can get her outback fix in cs so when I return we no longer have to go! Let me know what u think of those dove promises Tara... Bc the dark choc I got from mommy was dove promises and they were delicious so hopefully u will like those! For v day we went out to eat at Shebestan and it was yummy! Then we went to mall and looked around for randomness! Then had some starbucks and ppl watched... So much fun to do at the Villagio Mall! We also tested out my dark choc which was very good! And we watched desperate housewives... Great show everyone should watch it! Definitely a fun day! Can't wait for my texts from u today... Better send extra to make up for yesterday! Make up stories to text me if u have to... You are good at that! :-)


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