Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a lovely 75 degree day!

Dear Matt, today we facebook stalked together....can we do this more often? You were cracking me up with your witty comments. P.S Thanks for always making me think about things, especially the stuff you read in all of your books. As much as I pretend not to care, I secretly love it! I feel like I am getting smarter by the second! Dear Brooke, I hope you enjoyed my extra texts today. I tried to throw in some funny ones at the end there. Oh and today I saw a guy laying out by the pool... I think I should do the same in the near future. I gotta prepare for our tanning sessions starting May 20th! I promise to last longer than 15 minutes :) Dear math homework, how am I supposed to study for my history test when I am spending two hours working on you? Thank goodness after this semester I will be done with you forever!!! Well, except for teaching kids 2+2=4... but I think I can handle that! Dear Mommy, thank you for sharing such an inspiring email with me today! This line really stuck out to me, "When I am willing to meet with God daily, I can "run the race" faithfully, and ultimately I will claim my reward." This line works with running as well as life in general!
I gotta get back to studying....
**I challenge YOU to step back and evaluate your life! Make sure it is filled with happiness and not selfishness and anger.


  1. Dear Tara, I LOVED the extra texts... Me and Mitch had oh so much fun reading them this morning! Started our day out with a good laugh that's for sure! Please Thank Matt for contributing to the lovely messages! Ha yes please start preparing... Bc I have a feeling we are gonna need to step up our game soon as I return bc we are looking quite ghostly! And of course we have to out do hales! I really don't get the purpose of all the math classes u have to take it really is quite ridiculous considering u never will be teaching your students that crap! I swear three fourths of our school career was spent on learning stuff we never will use. They really should fix that! Anyways that's my school rant for the day... Hope u got Lots of useless studying done yesterday!! Laters!

  2. Yes we have to run the race faithfully in many areas of life! You are an amazing example of this on many fronts! Love ya, Mommy


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