Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Camping Trip!

Dear Matt, I can't wait to camp out at Gibbons Creek with you next weekend! I am glad you are allowing me to bring more stuff than just what can fit in my backpack for our first adventure, because lets face it the smores stuff would take up my whole bag and then I would have no room for my millions of toiletries ;) But really I am so excited I have camped out for 7 days at PAAVO, this is gonna be nothing. Hiking, cooking, and looking at the stars.... It can't get any better than that! Dear Brooke, I will fill ya in on this camping adventure tomorrow I promise. But, guess what is on the menu for dinner while we are out there.... BRATWURST! I had to google how to spell it, I forgot again!! Anyways, camping is another thing we will add to the list for when y'all return! Dear Sanitary Wipe at the Rec, you are a life savor to a germaphobe like me. I just discovered you yesterday, and I am already in love. I like to use you on every inch of the machine, my phone, my hands, and even my spiral!! (Please don't make fun of me.)
The school week is more than halfway over! Woohoo
Question of the day: Have you ever gone camping before? What was your favorite part?  


  1. Me and dad used to do Indian Princess campouts ALL the time! My favorite part was most definitely Virginia Moore's dad always playing his guitar... that or dad making me play football with him...

    That is so cool that you are going camping! Definitely want to hear about it!

  2. Dear Tara, yalls camping adventure sounds like it is going to be a blast! I can't wait to hear how it goes!! Make sure y'all set your tent up not on a hill like we did during paavo at ft Collins! Remember we all woke up and felt like all the blood had rushed to our head haha. Good thinking to have bratwurst for dinner... That's a perfect camping food! U should make blueberry funk for y'all to have... Too bad hales won't be there so u can force her to try it haha. Oh paavo food... I swear the only reason it was so delicious is bc we were starved too death from doing so much! For sure let's do a camping trip when we return that would be fun! Me and mitch can bring our homemade icecream maker so it really will be just like paavo! Heck let's even go camp out at the sand dunes and ft Collins bc those two are coolest places! Hahaha I def can't at all make fun of your love for the rec sanitary wipes bc I too was obsessed with those suckers and would be so mad if they were out! I also would wipe my cell phone, touch, and whatever folder or book I was studying that day haha. Great minds think alike! It really is a good idea to clean cell phone I don't think ppl realize how nasty their phones can get. I mean ESP with iPhone u type with ur dirty fingers all over the part that goes up on your face... Talk about zit central! So I mean if both of us do it then it must mean it's not that weird of a thing to do! ;-) Dana I so remember you going on Indian princess camping trips I always was so jealous and thought it sounded fun! Well paavo was filled with fun camping adventures... Def always entertaining. Some of my fav memories include: cooking all the food duh!, outdoor shower (even though it was freezing I just felt cool that I was showering outside ha), then def my fav memories was first year of paavo when it was only me and Miranda in a tent! Us trying to set up a tent by ourselves was a complete joke... Everytime we finally got it up we would take a pic together in front of it to document our success! Then every night before we went to sleep we would spray bug spray everywhere until we could taste it... Prob not very healthy thing to do but eh oh well we stayed bug free!!! Oh and what was the random Gatorade juice mix thing called at paavo? Now that stuff was the best... Even if it tore your stomach up! Gosh dang it why can't U remember what it's called?!? Anyways can't wait to hear about u and matts adventure!!!

  3. I meant why can't I* remember! I hope u remember...

  4. IT IS BREW!!! And Paavo is definitely my favorite camping experience! Running fast and eating good food! I loved the last night...that spaghetti was so so so good and the garlic bread and ice cream! YUM! And nothing like adding a few ants to the sauce...
    Love, Kirsten

    For some reason my doesn't say "Kirsten said" when I post...How do I do that ha?


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