Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dear Matt, even though I gave you those girl scout cookies for Valentine's Day it would be awesome if you shared! Just don't plan on me sharing my Selma's in return, the situations are totally different! Dear Brooke, I absolutely love your question/picture a day! If only my blog could get as much action as your facebook posts, I would be one happy camper. You always have to be the best at everything don't cha? 
Dear Dana, thank you for being one of the top followers of my blog, who actually participates!! I owe ya :) But, first I wanted to remind ya of a little something that used to happen when you were little and came over to play with me! We would play baby dolls, barbies, polly pockets, school, and every other game imaginable. It was always so much fun! Only problem was we would make a huge mess, because we would pull out every toy we owned. Actually the mess really wouldn't of been that much of a problem if someone would of done their share of picking up! That someone was YOU ;) hahah. I remember getting so angry at you because you refused to clean up, please tell me you remember this? 
Dear College, you would be so awesome without all the homework and studying! Lately you have taken over my life... please give it back! 
Gotta go do some last minute studying for my history test tomorrow :(
**Question of the day: What was your favorite toy/game as a child?
I loved playing with my sisters! We would play with baby dolls, barbies, and have parades with our bazillion beanie babies. Okay, so the beanie babies really weren't all that fun. We would move them one by one around the house and usually get tired about the time we made it half way up the stairs. 


  1. Haha one of my favorite memories at your house was that we would play house or American Idol and dress up as ridiculous people. And um.... psh... I picked up..... Right??

    Okay maybe I didn't but that seems to be slipping my memory ;) Lets just blame Sara!

    I totally remember y'alls beanie baby parades! I'm glad that I've gained the label as one of the top followers! It's the highlight of my night getting to check what exciting things you have to say or questions to ask or quotes to tell or whatever :P I'm thinking I want to start a blog! It seems like fun! But it would be like... what I baked that day haha

    But for now... I am thoroughly enjoying yours... and I cant tell you how excited I was to get my own "Dear _____, "

    Made. My. Night.

  2. are too cute for words! crack me up and has all seen how smart you are--go to! Wow...all that pretending when you were little must have payed off! HAHA I loved all you kids, cousins and friends, coming to our crazy house to play! My favorite thing to play in my hood was hide and seek! And riding our bikes on the famous dirt road behind our house--same road Brooke learned how to ride a bike on! Love, Mommy

  3. Well Tara! You are just a little smarty pants aren't you!

  4. I always loved playing School when I was little. I had someone who never picked up too and it was my sister, Connie, but she is the best sister ever now. Granny p.s. Dana did you remember it the way Tara did or was it her.......

  5. Dear Tara, thanks I'm glad u like it! Haha u know me! It's ok your blog has the best followers ever... Quality over quanity is way better :-) I will have to keep asking questions randomly on my pic of the day... Can't do it too often or ppl will lose interest prob. And I now know how u feel when u get comments... It is very exciting haha. We are losers oh well! Haha I so remember Dana refusing to pick up haha! It's ok we will let ya slide and blame Sara instead she will never know! :-) all of us playing babies, house, school, and random other games was the best! Let's go back to those days! If u start a blog Dana please notify me! It would be fun to read a blog about things u baked so please do it!! Woo hoo for Tara on aggie athletics! No wonder school is taking over your life... You are bust being a genius! Good luck on your history test today. I'm Sure u will do awesome! Yay for learning to ride a bike on dirt roads in North Carolina! Definitely a memory I will never forget mommy! Ha granny I wish I could see u playing with aunt Connie! I bet u were miss bossy ha! Some of my favorite games/toys: play-do (we had all these cool things to turn it into shapes and food and what not), playing cops and drive thru bank on our bikes and wagons, pogo stick (that thing was awesome!), line tag/ tv tag (remember u got that really bloody nose one time we played?!), hide and go seek was always the best, making our own x mas play, making haunted houses, tent building, crawling game (we were so creative!), that game we made mommy walk around and we had to steal the balls and if we got caught we went to jail--which was in the pantry so best jail ever ha. (that game was so much fun prob my fav!), jumping on trampoline with soap and water, playing in sprinklers, Wall ball, oh man the list could go on forever! Now I'm really in the mood to go play ha... I always hear some kids outside playing perhaps I should join them!!


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