Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Cousin is Engaged!!! :)

Dear Matt, I loved showing your parents our new favorite restaurant/ hang out tonight! I definitely say we go back, and hear some of that life music :) Dear Brooke, today I ate a honey graham Z Bar and I thought of you. I always dread the days I have to eat a honey graham one. There is nothing better than a good 'ole Brownie Z bar! Okay I am lying there are lots of things better, but you get the point. I just wanted you to know that unlike some people... cough YOU cough HALEY cough.... I rotate my flavors and don't just eat one flavor every day leaving the poor middle sister to be the pantry police, and eat all the old rotted favors! Dear Jordan, congratulations on the engagement!!! I am so excited for y'all, little does Tim know he is going to be joining one crazy and awesome family. I hope he can handle all of us ;) Anyways, it seems like just yesterday we were playing on the sports court, skiing in Steamboat, having our birthday party at Joe's Crab Shack, playing on the Fire Balls soccer team, making fun of Chaley, playing dolls, and pretending to get married on the steps at Aunt Sus's pool. Boy does time fly by! Anyways, I can't wait to help ya plan.... I know a great cake lady already haha. 

Me and my ENGAGED cousin posing at the beach!
He proposed to her in front of the Capital in Washington D.C with a full moon in the background! Such a cute couple! :)


  1. Um... I like how I have to find out through your blog that Jordan is engaged... CONGRATS JORDAN!!!!

    Tara, Have you tried the s'mores Z bars? not too bad!!

    And no question of the day... sigggh.

  2. Dear Tara, yah yah whatever... Don't lie u love being the pantry police! Your life would be boring if me and hales made it easy on u and ate all the flavors! And how dare u say brownie is better... Honey Graham is by far the best! I do agree brownie is second best. Choc chip is no good! I heard they had a smore flavored one dana but I haven't tried it. Supposedly they have pb too! U would prob like pb tara! I think I will stick with honey Graham it's really the only one I actually enjoy eating. Speaking of u will be happy to know all of them are now gone... I even had to resort to flavors I didn't like. Guess I should of maybe had mother bring more honey Graham at x mas... I figured we wouldn't finish them but they come quite in handy for an on the go quick snack. Yay Jordan!!! So happy for u and Tim! Time definitely does fly by! Before we know it it will be wedding time!!! I can't wait!! Cute beach pic... Too bad y'all aren't rocking matching suits in this one! See tara your blog is very important... Thanks to u Dana found out Jordan was engaged! I'm with Dana... No question of the day is a sad day! U didn't even give us a motivational quote!!! I put up a question of the day on my pic since u didn't have one! So go answer mine!!! Laters!


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