Saturday, February 19, 2011


Dear Matt, somehow you can always make me crack up at the weird things that you do. Please never, ever lose that quality... I love it! Dear Brooke, tonight I felt like Brick from The Middle... most awkward night EVER! Wish you could of been there to spice up the conversation! Dear Weather, please never change.. you are perfect! I had an amazing walk outside today, and I got some good thinking in and maybe a tan?.... one can dream! Dear Random Blogs, I was so productive today until I started looking at y'all. I really liked this one the best, if any one wants to bake some trail mix energy squares I will eat them!! I also discovered that when I get to a food blog I immediately click on the dessert recipes tab... don't worry it is a completely healthy obsession ;) P.S Pretty sure this person stole my idea about having a dessert only reception!
**Question of the day: What is your favorite thing to do when it is 78 degrees outside? 


  1. Dear Tara, haha I'm sorry it was so awkward...awkward (said quietly and creepily like brick ha) I wish I could have witnessed it! We could of gave a pep talk together! I second your dear weather please never change! It was beautiful here yesterday too! I would like less wind but as long as the sun is out I will suck it up when it comes to the wind! Thanks a lot... I don't need another blog to look at... My blog list is starting to get longer than my tv show list and that's long! I love looking at random blogs... Way cooler than fb I personally think! Ha I too check out the desserts... I Also am a fan of all the breads and muffins and cinnamon roll recipes on blogs! Ok I just love it all is the real truth! I can't wait till your dessert reception! And random appetizer snacks too don't forget those! U will have pigs in the blanket! U should just have everything that we loved when we were little... And play old music that was popular when little. That would be awesome! Spice girls all the way!!! Mitch and I had a fantastic weekend... Wish it was still going! (for all those who don't know Sunday is work day here and fri and sat are the weekend days). My fav thing to do is do a road race just like we did yesterday! It was so much fun! I also am always down for a walk outside... And getting a tan in the progress! That's still too cold for swimming haha. A picnic would be nice to do in that weather too! I just LOVE warm weather!!!!

  2. Nice in the yard, go for a run or walk, and sit outside and read!


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