Sunday, February 20, 2011

To do lists:

Dear Matt, yesterday your exact words to me were, "I love when you are asleep". I am still not sure if this is a compliment or not? But, if you are trying to tell me you love when I am not bugging you or talking to you then shame on you ;) P.S Tonight was a major success... they let me order the kids steak at Outback! Thanks again Daddy for the gift cardDear Brooke, today I walked by the donut section in HEB not once but TWICE!!! Thanks a lot for making me crave donuts. I also saw that HEB now has sanitary wipes for the carts.... I totally got one! Dear To do List, I marked off everything on you, except for studying for my geography test... Whoops! Oh well, today was a filled day full of errands, cleaning, and homework. P.S I sometimes write things down on my list that I have already done just to cross them off.... it's completely normal! 
Tomorrow starts another week of school, or another day closer to Spring Break :)
** Question of the day: Are you a list person, or do you like to wing it? 
I love my planner!


  1. Well we know you got this honestly from your mother...sorry! I'm for sure a LIST person and I love to mark things off! And I have a daily planner also--and not a phone--the old fashion kind! Love, Mommy

  2. I am DEFINITELY a list person! I make lists ALL THE TIME. I can't do anything without a list

  3. Dear Tara, yay for it being less than a month till you turn 20...but u still manage to order off the kids menu! And double yay for gift cards... Gotta love those things! Props to HEB for getting sanitary wipes... They moved up on my fav grocery list bc of that ha. They better actually provide them everytime unlike the rec! Mitch likes to get the sour cream donuts from heb... He says they don't taste like sour cream the sour cream just makes them nice and moist! So they prob are good bc when we put sc in our bb nowadays it def boosts the moist awesomeness! So add that to our list of to try bc I never have got them with him. Mitch and I would get the heb bakery cinnamon rolls to have for dessert... Now They are delicious! I am soooo in the make list club! We def got that from mommy! Things don't get done/remembered without one!! I will be making a packing list in just a few days woo hoo! I will answer for mitch just so we can have a non list person answer... He is not one! However he is starting to become one bc he likes when I make them and always tells me things to add to the list! He hasn't become a pro though yet! For instance I made a grocery list for him of things we needed at store on his way home from work... Even with the list he managed to forget things! And it wasn't bc they weren't there... He claims he was walking to that specific aisle then got sidetracked and forgot to look! Oh goodness!

  4. I am most definitely a list person!!! Your dad thinks I'm crazy. I have a list going most of the time (something seems missing from my daily life if I don't). I have a list for almost everything in an excel format like going to the lake house, going to my parents or going on vacation. I just print the one I need off and then cross it out with a highlighter once it's in my bag. I even have one in case I go snow skiing...which I will prob never do. I think my list making goes hand in hand with my OCD and constant need to plan, wash my hands and have order in my life....all normal things if you ask me! :)


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