Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Camping Trip!

Dear Matt, camping with you at Gibbon's Creek was AMAZING, HILARIOUS, and FUN! I can not imagine a better way to spend my weekend! I loved showing off my camping skills to you, and now I am officially prepared for Survivor... except for the fact that they don't serve hotdogs and smores on the deserted island.... this may be an issue ;) Anyways, I can't wait for our next camping trip.... next stop is somewhere in Austin!! Dear Brooke, thanks for the text today! I love hearing what you and Mitch are up to. Sounds like y'all are eating some amazing food and had a great hike on Cinque Trail. I am so excited to see the pictures when y'all get home. P.S We are even on the same wavelength when you are half way across the world... we were both hiking and spending time outdoors yesterday! Dear Mommy, I am glad your surprise visit to North Caroline was a success! I wish I could of gone with you... make sure and tell everyone I say Hi! P.S Bring Emerson to me ;)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Question of the Day: What do you like to put on your hot dogs, if you even like them?
Matt had very little faith in me when I said that I could put up the tent by myself.... Don't worry I proved him wrong!
We used sticks to cook our Hot Dogs. It worked really well. I tried not to think about how many bugs and animals pooped on that stick hah. In the corner is Matt's chili can.... we just heated it up with the fire!
Matt and his chili dog!! I stuck with my usual... hot dog with ketchup. They were probably some of the best hot dogs I have ever had! It must of been that extra dirt???
F.Y.I We bought organic hot dogs... never knew there was such thing until this weekend!
I love him... almost as much as I love smores ;)
I made the original smores with hershey's milk chocolate and my off brand graham crackers, but then I started to experiment. I used Ghirardelli Milk & Peanut Butter squares that my dad gave me for Valentine's Day, and they turned out heavenly!! I will never eat a smore again without Peanut Butter in it!
Sitting by the fire!
Admiring the fire that Matt started! He did a good job :)
I love hot dogs!
We had a great spot, and it was amazing looking up and seeing all the stars at night!
It was so peaceful out there, except for some wild hogs, raccoons, coyotes and other loud animals.....  But, our first camping trip was definitely a success!! :)
**See facebook for more pictures! 


  1. Happy to see you are back in one piece! Looks like you had a lot of fun girl :)

    Hot dogs... well... i'm a boring mustard girl :P

    Now smores.... I'll eat A THOUSAND of those. At TCU for the first semester, it seemed like every week there was SOMEWHERE you could make smores at!

  2. I posted and it went away.

  3. You know my hotdog is weird but love it--NC style--mustard, chilli, and cole slaw! And NC visit was great! Everyone missed you girls though!Camping was such a success--you can plan a family camping trip now!

  4. Dear Tara, Thank you for skipping a blog post on the less I have to catch up on! :-) Camping looks like it was a blast! I loved getting your text recaps of the adventure! Sounds like it was very entertaining ha! Way to show Matthew up! Go us for both being outdoor adventuring fools that day! Hiking in Cinque was definitely a blast! And got way awesome pics during it! You will love them! Hopefully Mitch will have time to post pics this weekend once we get back...if we ever leave this airport that is! Haha I so told mommy to steal Emerson for me too! I called him first! Well I am not a big hot dog fan...much more of a hamburger girl! But if I am to have one I like mustard and chili! NO KETCHUP....gag me! Matt's chili looks like the best part to me...even better than the smores! Chili sounds weirdly good right now! I am so full though...we just had a cookie taste test session...aka ate 4 bags of different Venetian cookies...i feel ill! They were good at the time but now I don't want to see one ever again ha! Yall would buy organic hot dogs ha! I am glad your choc pb made the smores extra good for ya! Good thinking to use them! Fav part of all your pics...your bow! I am still waiting for u to send me one cough cough! I am glad u guys had so much fun! Once me and mitchell are back we shall all go on a lovely camping trip! I say we make the foil packet things that u cook over the fire...please tell me u know what I am talking about! Mommy made them on the grill for dinner randomly and they are AWESOME! And we can make homemade icecream to go with your smores! Im thinking blueberry funk too! Lets force Haley to have some! :-)

  5. Tary I LOVE these camping pics! That looks like so much fun!!! And I have to agree that your bow is just presh. I'm so proud of you for putting up the tent...I can't believe Matt doubted you!!! I don't like hot dogs! Never have and never will! Hamburger > Hotdog any day!!! But I am a big fan of your smores with pb and chocolate!!! Definitely want to try that!!!

  6. Thanks Kirsten! :) Definitely try the smore I am sure you will love them. I am starting to be a hamburger fan too, but I will always love my hot dogs alittle more haha


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