Friday, February 25, 2011

Improvements to my blog!

 Dear Matt, tonight you tried to send me bad vibes through your thoughts and weird hand motions..... RUDE! Just because I wouldn't tell you the answers for our online class does not give you permission to do this. (It was actually really funny, and it proved that I am smarter than him.) Dear Brooke, I hope you have a blast in Italy! I will miss my novel facebook posts from you, and all of your blog comments! P.S Take lots of pictures :) Dear Aunt Gina, I know your birthday has been sub par until now!! Getting mentioned on my blog has to be the best birthday present ever... right?? Just Kidding. But, I hope you had a fantastic birthday, and ate some yummy cake! P.S Remember when I used to come over and watch Trading Spaces episodes with you? Lets do that again, but lets pick a better show than Trading Spaces... does it even come on anymore? I was obsessed with that show and Clean Sweep at one time! Dear Oatmeal, I woke up this morning so excited to have you! I was forced to buy you because my usual kind was MIA, but I thought you looked amazing so I wasn't too upset. Anyways, turns out you are far from amazing.... lets just say I wanted to throw you away right after you touched my lips! I forced myself to eat it because I didn't have time to make anything else, but I will never buy you again!
It's the weekend... woohoo
Question of the day: What do you eat for breakfast?
P.S I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I have discovered all the big time blogs are all about food! I must admit even I love looking at the food blogs with the yummy looking pictures more than the blogs that are just filled with words! So, I have decided to include a picture of some kind of food everyday. I hope y'all enjoy this!! :)
Also, another new feature to my blog is the poll question at the top left hand corner of my blog! Make sure you submit your answer, and I will try to change the question every few days!

Maple Streusel Muffin Oatmeal. Sounds delicious right?... WRONG! Never buy this!

Tonight for dessert I had a Selma Cookie! I had these for the first time in Disney World, and it was love at first bite! Matt's parents ordered me a dozen brownies and a dozen cookies for Christmas! I freeze them, and then pull one out a few hours before I want to eat one. Check out their website for all the different kinds they have, and order yourself some. They won't disappoint you I promise!

YUMMY!! I should of heated it up more, but mmhmm you just can't beat peanut butter and chocolate all in one cookie!


  1. Girls are always smarter than boys...Matt should know this by now! :)

    I don't usually eat breakfast because I'm usually not hungry till lunch, but today I'm having some yummy breakfast tacos.

    You talked me into it! I'm ordering some cookies right now...that picture looks delic!

  2. I am going to like this food pic very much!!! Good idea!!! I'm sorry but that oatmeal sounds gross...I'm sure Brooke would not be a fan either due to the smell! I still need to try ordering Selma's at some point because the one I had at that coffee shop was hard as a rock and no good at all! But I am liking the sound of this PB and chocolate one! My breakfast is carnation and oatmeal! I make regular oatmeal but I like to put stuff in it like AB, PB, mashed up bananas, berries, mini chocolate chips or applesauce! Or a combo! I also like scrambled eggs or pancakes on the weekends! And la bodega when I am in CS!

  3. Well, since you asked, I either have eggs and an english muffin for breakfast or cereal with a banana.....

    And i have to have my cup of coffee.... or i act like my mom all day :P

    JK mom ;)

  4. and those cookies look delicious...

    BTW, how do you do oatmeal? i've just never got a taste for it? What kind do you get?

  5. AND... I'll start my foodie blog soon :P haha maybe... cant figure out how to get it started..

  6. Dear Tara, Have you missed me?!? I know your blog and all of your readers surely have missed my novel comments! Anyways...yes we definitely had a blast! Not so much a blast sitting in this ghost airport at the moment! It is 11:40 pm here and our plane doesn't leave until 8:02 am...shoot me! Yay for chilling in the airport! We got a lot of good pics for ya no worries! I'm loving the blog true all the good blogs are food blogs! So I am digging the food pic a day! Also liking the poll question idea! I wasn't a fan of the dessert question...I wanted to choose other and say my fav is fro yo cake batter or brookies or cake balls or raw cookie dough or my new fav GELATO! I went with saying ALL are my fav bc ice cream is close enough to fro yo and gelato! And cookies is like cookie dough and brookies! And brownies is like cake balls and brookies! I'm with Kirsten that oatmeal sounds GROSS! Anything with the word MAPLE in it is NASTY!!! The muffin streusel part sounds good though...don't they have a blueberry muffin one in that brand too? They have a lot of varieties in that Better Oats brand that look way yummy! U need to try different ones! I need to have some selmas has been forever since I had one! I was a fan last time I tried them though! They have to be heated and doughy though or they are no good! I have to disagree that you can't beat pb and choc in one cookie...worst combo ever!!! Just choc chip all the way! Or oatmeal choc chip...yummy in my tummy!!! Dana you should try just getting plain oatmeal and doctoring it up like Kirsten was talking about! Thats the best way to do it! And the key is to make it with skim milk not water! Extra nutrients and taste WAY better! I LOVE all breakfast meals practically! Breakfast is prob my fav meals! I could go for some la Bodega about now! Or some ship!! Or some healthy oatmeal i guess ha!


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