Thursday, February 24, 2011

Procrastination at its finest

Dear Matt, I am still laughing at myself for what I did in the grocery store while we were looking for our bratwurst! I shouted,"These aren't good ones they are supposed to be fat.... they are supposed to be fat.... Matt, they are supposed to be fat." I then turned around, and received an evil glare from a lady who couldn't get past me to get her sausage because I was so distraught that HEB had no regular fat brats. They were all white, and looked like old hot dogs... Ewww. Anyways, glad we decided on the regular not old hot dogs and the cheap HEB brand graham crackers for our smores! P.S This is our reminder to go by McDonald's and pick up some ketchup packets. Gotta love the life of a poor college student.... hah. Dear Brooke, today I received a text from an unknown number. Guess who it was...... YOU!! You made my day at 8 A.M, and you are officially saved as Cookie in my address book ;) Dear Geography test, I guess I will actually start studying for you. I have read several blogs, facebook stalked, cut my finger nails, made a camping check list, and laid out my clothes for tomorrow. I am officially out of procrastinating ideas. Note to self: When I become a teacher never give tests on Fridays, actually just don't give tests at all!!
I am so ready for that break that comes during the spring.... 
Question of the day: Do you buy off brands of food, or stick with the popular name brand items?
The name brand items with the familiar pictures suck me in all the time... I feel like the cheap stuff might taste bad! But, tonight I just couldn't pass up the $1.10 graham crackers! 


  1. Dear Tara, I can picture you now in HEB throwing a fit bc they don't have the right bratwurst ha! I do think most are white before u cook them though... So they weren't totally wrong! I hope y'all found some hood quality hot dogs instead! Haha nice work... Ketchup at McDonalds! Very gross though that u even need ketchup... Gag me! Mustard all the way! I hope y'all got quality chocolate for your smores! Can't go off brand on that! Graham crackers and marshmellows for sure go off brand it all taste the same... Heck it might taste better bc u are excited about how cheap it was ha! I'm glad u enjoyed my texts yesterday! That app doesn't work very good but it works alright so could be fun to do every now and then if I want to try to text u right back after u text my other number! Woah I cut my fingernails yesterday too! I must stop procrastinating packing... Gotta do that today considering we leave tonight and all! No big deal! Good luck on your geography test today! As for your question I do both! I think some things the off brand isn't near as good... But in a lot of things the off brand is the exact same and a heck of a lot cheaper so off brand all the way! Speaking of HEB brand they have a HEB brand cookies similar to like Teddy grahams that are really good and were always on sale! I use to get them all the time last year! Chocolate chip flavor was the best! They were called HEBbuddies and were in the shape of the HEB mascot dude! Yum! U should get them with yalls discount!

  2. You know me I only buy brand names. and watch the dates on things.

  3. Hmm.... I'll sometimes buy kroger brand stuff... but mostly the named brands :)

    Depends if im baking... if im baking and mixing it all together... i just get the cheapest thing


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