Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Didn't your mom ever tell you not to play with food....

Dear Matt, I hate to tell you this, but you are going to have to find some new entertainment once the girl scout cookies are gone! But, I must admit you are looking pretty cute.... it's probably just the thin mints though ;) Dear Brooke, today I got an email from Skype. They told me that there is now a 3-way video skype option! You, Mommy, and I will be testing this out when you return from Italy for sure! P.S Nutela is very popular in Italy... please eat a dessert made with Nutela for me. Dear Camping Trip, you have to be delayed one day because Matt has orientation for his new job!! Thank goodness I have pretty much nothing all weekend, so Saturday and Sunday will still work for me :) If this trip got canceled I would be one unhappy camper! Dear Kanye, I am really liking your song All of the Lights. I pulled a Haley today, and put you on repeat for about 30 minutes!
Time to watch the best show ever, Parenthood... Peace!
**Question of the day: What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie?


  1. Thin mints. The best ones. Hannnnds down!

    Also.... three way skype?!?!? I am so freaking excited!!!! I also love Parenthood btw.... Lauren Graham is one of my favorite actress'. Gilmore girls anyone??

    (Side note.... It was awesome seeing you today Aunt Gail! Still waiting for some Upshaw girls to come get some Mellow Mushroom with me!!!!)

  2. Dear Tara, nice pic of matt... It made me laugh!! It's kinda scary too though with the cookie eyes! Is thin mints matts favorite? Awesome news about the 3 way video skype! They didn't send me an email... How rude! But for sure let's test it out once we get back from Italy! I hope it works! Eh... Not gonna lie I prob won't get a nutella dessert... That stuff is nasty! But I will take a pic of one for ya if I see it! Mitch isn't a fan either so I won't even be able to convince him to try sorry! However Italy is even more known for their gelato!! And I will test that out for ya! Gotta see how it compares to ic and fro yo! Hopefully they give samples in Italy unlike London ha. I better be able to taste test the flavors before picking one! Yay for matt getting a job! Tell him congrats and good luck at orientation! And I def expect camping updates from u since I won't be able to read the blog to see how it went! :-( I must check out this kanye song and see if it is worthy of me listening to on repeat also ha. I really can't make fun of hales for doing that bc I do it quite a bit too! I hope me and Mitch have time to watch parenthood tonight! It is def on my fav list! I like Lauren Graham too Dana! And good ole Gilmore Girls! Wait for me to go to mellow mushroom... I have never been but have heard it is awesome! I got my hair cut yesterday too... I wish u were working the front desk at the one I went to Dana so I could have seen ya! :-) um... Fav kind of girl scout cookie... Honestly I really don't like any of them! I think really the only one I ever semi liked was thin mints in like kindergarten... I think I only said I liked them though bc it was just the cool thing to like girl scout cookies ha. Bc I always hated pb cookie ones, pb choc ones, and those nasty nasty caramel choc coconut ones that mommy loved! And shortbread ones gag me! Yep my conclusion is they are all gross! I will stick with my central market animal cookies! :-)


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