Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You're looking SASSY!

Dear Matt, tonight you tickled me so hard that I screamed bloody murder! Then you told me that people used to tickle people to torture them.... Pretty sure you were lying, but boy did it feel like torture!!! Dear Brooke, I hope the lady who cuts your hair today doesn't tell you that you look "sassy"! Every time I hear that word I still shed a tear for that poor fat dog! JK Dear Mummy Sleeping Bags, we got you in the mail yesterday, and I am super pumped to use you in 3 DAYS! They can keep someone alive and warm in 20 degree temperatures... thank goodness we have them for the 80 degree weather on Friday pshh. Oh well, my philosophy is better hot than cold. 
Hope everyone is staying stress free..... 
**Question of the day: Have you ever been tickled so hard it hurt?
I told Matt that I didn't need a sleeping bag, I gotta practice for Survivor ;) But after I got in I decided it was pretty dang comfy!
Matt wanted to sleep in it! 
This was my dog Sassy pushing me into the flowers! One reason why I hate dogs! Anyways, poor Sassy ate a poisonous mushroom, and we found him dead on our back porch. My mom thought she would cheer us all up and take us to get our hair cut. So, we went and when the lady was done cutting my hair she said, "Boy you are looking SASSY". I burst into tears right after she said it... poor lady had no idea that our dogs name was SASSY!


  1. Dear Tara, haha I sure hope she doesn't either... But not bc it will make me miss good ole sassy the dog...but bc I just think sassy is a weird word so I don't think I want my hair cut to make me look it ha! Keep your fingers crossed all day today for me hoping that the lady doesn't totally make me look like an idiot! I get it done at 6 here so that's 9 am your time! I support your philosophy... Always better to be hot than cold! I'm loving the mummy sleeping bags... For real I'm borrowing them next winter and living in them! That bag is perfect for you it has a little hood that can be the pillow since you never would bring a pillow anyways! Answer of the day: yes I have! In fact I think tickling hurts 99% of the time ha.. I don't know why ppl ever thought that was a funny thing to do bc I find it quite hurtful not funny! Remember Uncle Larry would always tickle us real hard... ESP on the calves... Ouch my calves hurt just thinking about it! Poor sassy... She was a cute little chub bub! And so were u! :-)

  2. This picture and story are so famous! Remember Uncle Dwight told everyone the Sassy story! And Garrett and your remake of this picture!That was a rough day for sure but we made it! This blog entry was way funny--even your caterpillar sleeping bag! YOU camping--priceless! Mommy

  3. Spencer gets a HUGE thrill out of tickling me....

    Tickling is scary.


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