Monday, February 28, 2011

I am grateful for so many things!

Dear Matt, today you were a cleaning machine, this makes me so happy! I am glad you are finally picking up on my obsession of cleanliness. Dear Brooke, thanks for making me totally jealous today. I want to have five desserts too... chocolate gelato and a chocolate pear from Italy sound delish! I hope you got warm eventually. Do they not have hair dryers there that you can use to keep warm ;) Dear Mommy, thank you so much for always being there for me! Today when you said you will always have my back and support whatever decision I make, it made my day! Only ten more days until you have your shadow home with you... I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!
**Advice for all my readers: Make a list of things that you are grateful for!
Last night I started a word document and titled it "I am grateful for:" and my goal is to write one thing I am grateful for every single night! You should do this too, it takes about 30 seconds and it really is a great way to end your day :) 

Tonight for a healthy snack I had a bowl of cereal. I absolutely love cereal, and sometimes I like to mix a whole bunch of kinds in one bowl and eat it dry! Some of my favorites are oatmeal squares, cracklin oatbran, chocolate mini wheats, honey nut cheerios, and life! But, tonight I tried to keep it healthy and mixed Kashi Heart to Heart and Cascadian Farms Granola together with milk for some extra protein and calcium :)   
 **Question of the day: What is your favorite kind of cereal?


  1. Favorite cereal--Frosted mini-wheats for sure! And thanks for the thanks to me--no brainer--I'm always in your corner! Love ya, Mommy

  2. Tara I love Kashi cereals! I have the just plain GoLean.. which is boring... BUT you add sliced banana and it is perfect! But i love all of their honey almond flavored ones.

    That cereal OR Banana Nut Cheerios.... DEEELICIOUS! But all cheerios are great to me!

    So... I should cook for you if you will be home during spring break... deal? Start looking for stuff you want me to make :)

  3. I am going to try to start responding to posts on here!!

    Mommy: I love you too, thanks for always having my back :) I knew you were gonna say frosted mini wheats!

    Dana: I love the honey almond one too! I will have to try your banana idea... also I love banana but cheerios! Cereal is just too good hah. But, I am totally gonna take you up on the cooking offer! I will be home, so I will start thinking :)
    p.s work on your blog!!!!

  4. Dear Tara, You are oh so welcome for making you jealous! It seriously was hilarious us ordering a million desserts...our waitress was laughing! I was like as u can see we love desserts ha! And it was a choc pear tart! So weird but so good! And I just thought that gelato was was nothing compared to what we had the next day! Yes they did have a hair dryer in the hotel room...but we were barely ever in the room so it was no help whatsoever! I went through a butt load of hand warmers though! I use one pack so much the iron stuff inside of one exploded and got all over hands got stained black it was quite groddy! Ugh I want it to be ten more days until I can witness u be a shadow and join in on the fun! I got like 70 something days...I told Mitch he better figure out this week more of an actual day so I can make sure I am counting down to the correct day! I might make a countdown chain soon...they are way cooler than an iphone countdown app! We have to watch Bachelor once we get home...along with our million other shows! We are so behind! Good idea writing down things you are grateful for! I am grateful for having an awesome sister! U better have that on your list too missy! As you know I too LOVE me some cereal! That kashi one u have looks good...looks better than the GO LEAN one...that go lean hurts my tummy! I don't know about that granola...i am not much of a granola fan! I totally support your love for oatmeal squares, choc mini wheats, honey nut cheerios, and life! Not a fan of the cracklin but Mitch likes it enough for the both of us! As he always tastes like apple pie! He is weird! I also support mother's choice...gotta love good ole mini wheats! However those can not be in milk...way too soggy! There are very few cereals I will eat in milk! The one in my pic of the day is one of like 3 kinds I will have in milk! I am much more the dry cereal fan! I also support Dana's banana cheerios! And I am with her all cheerios are good! I like the multi grain ones! I also enjoy bran the moment wheetabix brand bc thats what we got in good ole Doha for cheap! All life flavors are to die for! Any cereal that is on sale is always a winner considering they can get quite pricy! When I was little nothing could beat frosted flakes! That was the best! Or when mommy would do plain cheerios and add sugar...yum!

  5. My favorite is oatmeal squares or plain cheerios! Nothing too sweet! I don't eat cereal that much unless it is in trail mix but if I am hungry before bed then a bowl of cereal is my go to snack because it fills me up!


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