Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Dear Matt, I just wanted to tell you again... THANK YOU for being my best friend! I love how you always provide me a shoulder to cry on during rough times, and at the same time you know just the things to say to make me feel better. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a great best friend and boy friend :) Dear Brooke, chocolate, banana, and vanilla gelato all in one day!? I was drooling on my cell phone as I read your text ... please ship me some a.s.a.p! Not totally sure how I feel about the octopus that you ate though..... sounds a little sketchy. I hope Mitch got a video of you dancing around though, that could be quite humorous! Anyways, I am still so jealous of y'all and I wish I could be there too. Dear Stove, tomorrow it will just be you and me baby. Matt has his first day of work tomorrow from 2-10, which means the cook will be M.I.A at 5 o'clock a.k.a DINNER TIME! I am a little worried because Wednesday night is nacho night which is my favorite so I can't just skip it that's for sure, so I must try my hardest to be Rachel Ray for one night. Matt gave me a little lesson today and showed me how to turn the knob to low, and how to use the can opener..... just kidding I am not an idiot.... but seriously he showed me his ways and I think I can do it! (Stay tuned.... I will fill y'all in tomorrow on how NACHO NIGHT turns out.)
P.S Thanks for reading this, you have no idea how much it makes my day to see how many views I get! Please don't be shy and leave me a comment, also there is a new POLL QUESTION for you to answer!! 


The one and only TRIPLE CHOCOLATE SELMA BROWNIE! This is my favorite dessert in the whole world hands down! I love brownies, and I have never had a better brownie than Selma's. They have two other kinds too, but this one is by far the best!
To all of you brownie lovers... you must order these RIGHT NOW! I take one out of the freezer about 4-5 hours before I am going to eat it, and eat them just like that! They are so moist and delicious. Matt likes to heat his, but for some reason I like it cold... it taste like fudge! 

It is filled with the finest chocolate, white chocolate, and heath bar crunch! They are so moist and huge.... just don't look at the nutritional facts ;) 


  1. Girl... you had me on those selma brownies until you told me not to look at the nutritional facts!

    So next year... spencer is most likely living in the apartments while i live in the commons...

    He will have a kitchen and I wont. BUT now i have a reason to cook and maybe he will respect and love my cooking more :P

    Can't wait to hear how nacho night went!

  2. haha All I can say is they are worth every calorie for sure :)

    I am sure Spencer will respect your cooking more... he is going to be begging you to come over every night and cook him something! Lucky for me Matt is a good cook.... me not so much :/ Tonight I will discuss nacho night :)

  3. You can do it Tara! I know you can--Nacho Night watch out! But don't get too good or Matt will stop cooking! HAHA

  4. Dear Tara, first off I would like to say I am glad you started commenting back to people on the blog! I was gonna tell u to start doing that...bc thats what the awesome bloggers do ha! And it makes your fellow followers feel more loved! :-) Not only did I have choc, banana, and vanilla all in one day...we had it several times ha! We decided we needed it several times considering yesterday was our only chance ha! It was amazing I wish I could send u some/ bring some back to Doha with me! I miss it already! Stupid Airport doesnt have any! Octupus was actually was just fun being so adventurous! Mitch kept saying how proud he was ha...even he was like um...I think I will pass on the octupus part ha. No worries mitch got my I am freezing my *** off after eating gelato in negative degree weather while waiting for our vaporetto dance on video! It is 5:20 your time...that prob means you are eating your nachos now! I hope they turned out delicious! All fails just cover them with extra salsa that makes everything better! I am liking mommys post ha...for sure don't get too good at it because then u will be stuck making them every wed night ha! PLease notify me how Matt's work day went! Also I want to hear more about the discount details! For real peeps don't be shy! Leave comments! And answer the poll!!! Way more fun that way! Ok seriously...did u take every plate, bowl, cooking utensil that I own?!? Every single food pic has been on something of mine! Eat plate so mine! Bowl the selma cookies was in...also so mine! I leave and u just take my stuff like I never existed...I feel the love really i do! I personally like my brownies way more in barely cooked at all so I don't know if Selma would do it for me! Brookies are more my style! I mean it is my name and all! Yay for me being caught up...u prob will post your post for today in a few hours and I will once again be behind but maybe I will see it and respond before we get on plane to head back to Doha...well head to London then Doha! I so need my own plane...leave when I want and go straight through...I am not a fan of this whole sitting around business!

  5. I love that EAT plate! Maybe I should steal it from you for stealing it from Brooke??? Selma brownies are still on my list to try :-)

  6. haha yah i thought it was perfect for the pic! You gotta try a good selma brownie and cookie for sure! You had a bad first impression...


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