Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1st Dinner Cooked Alone = check

Dear Matt, I missed you tonight at dinner. Nacho Night was not the same without you :( I realized that my favorite part of the day is when I sit down to eat dinner with you and tell you how my day went, and hear how yours went. However, I am so proud of you, and I hope your eight hour shift is going great! Dear Brooke, thank you so much for the novel comments on my previous blog posts! Reason #222 for why you are the best sister in the world! I am sorry you are having to spend countless hours in a tiny airport... please catch the next flight to the U.S.A! Dear Stove, ooooohhh I showed you... my skills tonight were off the chain! (Okay I took it too far, pretend I didn't say that) Anyways, I officially made it through my first dinner that I cooked alone. Not only did I just make it through, but I also cooked some darn good nachos! P.S Matt, this does not mean I am the new chef in the house.... that's still you ;)

Hope everyone's dinner turned out delicious too!
**Question of the day: What is your all time favorite meal for dinner?

It seriously took me 10 minutes to open this dang can! Note to self: Get Matt an electric can opener!

1st step: Put the meat in the pan, and turn the stove on to low heat!

Step two: Cook until there are no pink spots and chop up! (I may have cooked it a little long, but I figured better safe than sorry when it comes to uncooked meat.. right?)

Step 3: Place your chips on a plate, and add black beans and cheese! Then microwave it for 45 seconds.

Step four: Add salsa and then EAT! I swear they looked better in person.. the lighting on my phone is not the best!

These are the chips we use, and El Pinto is the best salsa in the world! I usually don't even like salsa, but this kind I love!! I probably wouldn't even like the nachos without it!

I know y'all are probably making fun of me, but making nachos was a big deal for me! They turned out AMAZING, and I suggest you all make some nachos sometime! Super easy to make ;) and they are yummy!


  1. Dear Tara, yay for you already posting I can stay caught up! You are very welcome for the comments! I so wish we oould! Heck not even possible if we really could though bc none of the ticket ppl are even here! Just send us our own personal plane this direction to bring us back to the USA please! Off the u are weird...that was u trying too hard! What have we trying hard is always your best! I am glad it turned out a success though! I figured u could pull off some nachos on your own! Now the salmon meal...that would be a little tricky for ya! Those black beans look intense! Yall and your organic! You get these from the specialty store place in Bryan or HEB? Heck you don't necessarily need an electric one...u just need a better normal one! No wonder it took u ten minutes! And no wonder the nachos turned out good...u used my pan and my flipper thingy! And thats my fav flipper so u best be careful with it! It can make some darn good pancakes! And cut some banana bars and brownies wonderfully! And works really good when making eggs! I miss it! Those blue corn chips look good! I need to test those out sometime! Come on now....medium....u need the hot stuff! And add some fresh jalapenos to those nachos then they would be delicious! So are these nachos your all time favorite meal for dinner? And in your question do u mean dinner that u cook or restaurants? I need specifics ha! I am a demanding follower I know! If restaurant some of my fav dinners in America are Pot Bellys, Antonios, Planet Burrito, CPK, Standard Diner (abq), Flying Star (abq), and many more! In Doha- Sarai, Maramara, Shebestan, Saudi Hot Chicken, anywhere with good lentil soup and hummus dips and what not! To cook...breakfast for dinner is the best! Pancakes, waffles, eggs, breakfast burritos, french toast, its all good! I also like making our own and mitch made one on the grill once that was to die for! We have been saying once we get home to a grill thats a first on our list to make! Also we like making homemade soups and chilis to have! Yum! Now I am hungry....thanks a lot!

  2. I'm so proud of you!!!! Congrats girl!

    So I polled my friends and I may be able to start my foodie blog soon.. because I finally got name ideas!!! The freaking hardest part!!!!!

    My favorite dinner?
    I love when we have grill night with my dad. He will grill up anything and everything (Steak, chicken, salmon). Then he will make potatoes OR my favorite... corn on the cob with fantastic seasonings on it!

    Eating out?
    EVERYTHING. But if I had to choose.... either going to Boi Na Braza (the Brazilian steak house where you just get meat galore) or something simple like lettuce wraps from Pei Wei!

    Is yours nachos?

  3. YUM...when I get home Dana we are so going to Boi Na Braza!!!! I didn't know you liked that place! I haven't been in forever, but me and Mitch are big fans! Well not fan of the major tummy ache you have once u leave...but totally worth it!

  4. I like Tacos. Tara when are you going to learn to hide Brookes Stuff....

  5. Brooke: I could of sworn that flipper was Matt's but maybe I am wrong... I will ask him! I think we got the beans at HEB, we don't go to village foods that much anymore bc its so far over there :( So I have had to eat regular salmon no wild salmon... its sad!

    Dana: I am so excited for your blog... I am seriously obsessed with blogs so yours will for sure be bookmarked :) Your favorite homecooked meal sounds amazing... I love corn on the cob! I have it atleast twice a week but just cooked on the stove.... no grill :( I am coming over for some corn cooked on the grill!!! My favorite meal from a restaurant is the teriyaki chicken and white rice from pei wei, but meal at home is definitely nachos!!

    Granny: I love your tacos too!!!

  6. We use those blue corn tortilla chips for our nachos too! I like them because they are way more colorful than plain old regular chips! Never had that salsa though so I might have to try that! My favorite meal at home is my mom's homeade spaghetti meat sauce! I also love artichokes at home! The full ones with the leaves, choke and heart! We make a mustard sauce to dip it in! YUM! I also like anything my dad makes on the grill (chicken, burgers, ribs, steak)! Out to eat I love sushi or mexican food! I am also a Boi na Braza fan!!! I think the last time I went was with Brooke though so it has been awhile! Haha obviously it is way too hard to pick just one fav!

  7. Tara, I set up my own Gmail account just for the food blogs I follow! And I will make sure we have a grill out night soon and will invite you :) My dad's corn on the cob is to die for :P

  8. Kirsten: Yah something about blue chips is just to cool.. Matt discover them! I could go for yours mom's frito pie right about now, and I believe its similar to the meat in that spaghetti I think you told me that... maybe not!

    Dana: Please notify me when the blog is up! :) I can't wait for that dinner.....


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