Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear Matt, you working 24/7 is totally cramping my style, not to mention I am forgetting what you even look like? Okay, so I am being a little dramatic, but seriously Saturday Fun Day can't come soon enough! On a positive note I am becoming more and more independent as the days go by... aren't you proud of me?? :) Dear Brooke, you are home back in Qatar! Even though Qatar is just about as far as you can get from your true home, I am sure you were happy to take a shower and get some aqua after being stranded at the airport for so long! P.S Please catch up on your shows a.s.a.p. Modern Family is going to give you a great ab workout.... it was hilarious! P.S.S Matt's DVR is officially gone, so now I have to be like you and watch them all online. Dear Weather, please never change! I have had some lovely walks the past few days, and I officially have a sock tan line and it is only March. It is so attractive let me tell ya......
Hang on... one more day left of this longgg week!

Day two of the missing cook: I picked up some Freebirds for dinner tonight! I thought about eating alone, but then I decided I am not quite ready to be one of those people... so I got it to go! Maybe when I am 65 years old and headed to Luby's I will rethink my decision ;) 

This picture looks kind of gross, but I got chicken, black beans, barbeque sauce, tomatoes, pico de gallo, and corn! It was delicious as always, but I am looking forward to getting some Planet Burrito over Spring Break! 
**Question of the day: What is your favorite burrito place, and what do you put on it?


  1. Ohhh, my completely unhealthy choice is beans, lots of cheese (because of my cheese fetish), onions and sour cream. Don't really have a favorite choice but Bueno will do in a pinch! You're looks pretty yummy though!

    I agree, the weather has been ridiculously nice. You're dad and I went on a very long, steep and treacherous hike yesterday. He'll have to tell you all about it. By the time we emerged from what I just knew was going to be our tomb, I almost barfed from being so worn out. I've heard of people working out so hard that they get sick, but that's never happened to me, even when I had two-a-days in gymnastics! You're dad thought I was a whimp, I was just happy to get away from the caves and creepy rocks that I knew contained something that thought I looked pretty darn tasty...and probably easy pickens. :)

  2. Dear Tara, happy is an understatement... Mitch and I both were soooo happy to finally shower and be clean! And water was wonderful! And being able to pee without an auto flusher was amazing ha! We started watching bachelor last night but both fell asleep so we gotta finish it tonight and start watching the million others! Can't wait to see how funny mod fam is and u and mommy both said p hood was really good this week so we can't wait to watch that one too! Sad day you are back in the non DVR club! Welcome back though! :-) yay for nice weather! It feels good to be back in Doha where it is warm! It needs to get even more warm and sunny here so I can get my tan on too! Haha u would not sit there and eat alone... It's really not that awkward u should try! Esp wouldn't be weird doing so at freebirds... Heck I ate at outback in Arkansas two times alone... Now that's more awkward! The waiter ended up sitting down and talking to me for awhile ha. Ugh no going to planet without me!! That's not allowed! The corn is def way better at planet I can tell from this pic! Corn is roasted at planet meaning pure awesomeness! So as u can see and already know planet burrito is my fav burrito place! Then free! No chipotle... Nasty! U don't even put lettuce on yours? I get chicken, black beans, tomatoes, pico, roasted corn, lettuce (only if it's good lettuce I don't like the iceberg crap!), fresh jalapenos, anything spicy that a place offers, and most importantly a ton of salsa!!!! Usually get all of the kinds but extra extra extra of their hot one! So going to planet for my first dinner home and no one is stopping me! :-)

  3. Nancy: Y'alls hike sounds awesome... i can't wait to hear about it! I am glad y'all made it out alive haha

    Brooke: parenthood is sad so beware!! I am most likely going to outback tonight... but I am for sure getting that to go!! I hate lettuce.... duh! I will go with yah to planet burrito! :) That is one place we all agree on... except mommy haha

  4. Guess what? I liked Planet the last time I went! A new manager and menu board with a few new things! I got a Tilipia soft corn taco--was great! Haley was so happy I found something I like! So I'm in! Tara...I'm sorry you lost your friend and cook! But hes making money! HAHA

  5. Girl, I'm a chipotle girl, but i have never been to freebirds OR planet burrito... call me up when you come home!! There is this other place i was just told about that is in plano but is coming to Southlake called qdoba... so we will have to check it out.

    I get the burrito bowl at chipotle (not a burrito but close enough). Chicken, black beans, rice, lettuce and then either corn salsa or green salsa.

    I had NEVER eaten alone at a place until i got to college... its actually pretty liberating! You should try it... makes you think :)

  6. Mommy: I think that is the best news I have heard all day!! We will be going over spring break so get ready!! I miss my friend.. im lonelyyy, but I guess money is good! haha

    Dana: oh my Dana, you are missing out! I will for sure let ya know when we go to Planet Burrito!! I heard that Qdoba was coming to Southlake, and I have heard really good things so we will go there too! Do you know when it opens? I will try the whole eating alone thing soon... I have a feeling I will be forced to now that Matt is working so much!

  7. I have no idea when it opens... I will check it out though

  8. Okay... apparently it opens on the 7th!


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