Monday, April 4, 2011

A Walk to Remember...


I was seriously pumping my arms as fast as they would go, and using all of my muscle (which is a lot okay....) on my run today, but I was moving absolutely no where! The wind was gusting like 100 m.p.h. today.... How is a little girl supposed to stay on the side walk when that happens? I also had to stop three times during my run because I got freaking dust in my contacts. Oh, and I had tangles in my hair out the wazoo. So, as you see it was a miserable run because of the dang wind. 

Moving right along... I now have to study for my math test :(
But, the good news is that this is my last test before finals. Hallelujah! 

I really want to watch my favorite movie right now, but I don't have time so I just watched a trailer for it instead.... Is that weird? hah

Here it is:

ahhh... I love A Walk to Remember! I have yet to find a movie that beats it.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite movie?



    It was awful. And I wore my wind breaker since yah know... it was windy.. and I think it just made it worse!

    And A Walk to Remember is one of MY favorite movies!!!! Love it. Cry every time!

  2. How many times have we watched that movie? One of my favorites too! And not much school left girl. And wind makes me cranky!!

  3. @ Dana: hah oh gosh I bet the wind breaker just made you fly in the wind even more!

    @ Mommy: We have it memorized, so too many ha. I will be home sooo soon! Can't wait!

  4. Watching that trailer made me really want to watch it! Best part... "like we could be secret friends" "Exactly exactly it's like you're reading my mind" "great umm maybe you could read mine" haha love that part! I can seriously quote this whole movie! And also this movie has the best soundtrack! Remember how I use to fall asleep to it every night ha! This is def one of my Fav movies... bc there are very few movies I don't mind watching over and over and this is one of them! And Shane west is oh so cute and I love Mandy Moore!

  5. @ Brooke: hahah I love that part too!!! Lets watch it this summer!!

  6. I don't blame you for not liking to run in the wind. I just got done walking in it and could hardly walk up the hill. I would def. take out the contacts though if I could see at all.
    As for the movie "a walk to remember" I can't believe I haven't seen it. It looks like a great movie and a great lesson to learn. You don't need them if they don't need you. "Learn it live."
    Can't wait for you to get home.
    Love you Papa

  7. Hi Tara! I'm new to your blog! :) It's really cute!

    My favorite movie would have to be "the notebook!" I've seen it several times! :) I did like "A walk to remember" though!

  8. That is actually one of my favorite movies!

  9. @ Papa: I think I would run into a tree if I took them out haha Jk my eyes arent that bad, but I would not like running without them. You need to see A Walk to Remember! It is such a good movie... i will watch it with you sometime in your movie room! Can't wait to see you when I get home :)

    @ Lisa: I am so glad you found my blog!! Oh and the notebook is also one of my favorites! :)

    @ Matt: Well you have a very good taste in movies then :)


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