Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dairy products hate me!

Last night I had a bowl of cereal with regular skim milk, no chocolate soy crap like last time, and it tasted disgusting... again! The milk was sour and smelled terrible, but the date said it was good for another six days!! Me being the dumb person that I am ate half the bowl of cereal, until I finally decided it was okay to waste sour milk. (F.Y.I I hate wasting things). I just didn't understand why it would taste so bad if it wasn't even close to being expired. Has anyone else had this problem? I think my milk sat out in this Texas heat a little to long, before it got brought into HEB! I was tempted to bring it back to the store to get my money back, but I figured they would just laugh at me.... So, I threw over half of a carton of milk away in the trash :( 

The second dairy item that failed me was my new greek yogurt!
It tasted like purple goo...
Seriously, it was not creamy at all. It looked like that stuff you have to put in your mouth when you get impressions of your teeth done before you get braces....  Oh and the worst part was, it tasted like that stuff too!!!

So, I think I am done experimenting with greek yogurt! It is so expensive, and it's not even good!

Question of the Day: Do you have a food that you try to force yourself to like, but it taste nasty?!
Mine is Greek Yogurt! I want to like it so bad because it's filled with protein, but I just can't find a kind that I like! 

** Sorry my blog has been filled with nasty things lately, but at least you are seeing what not to buy! Just Kidding.. I am sure some of you would love this stuff, but not me that's for sure!!


  1. I'm new to your blog so I don't know if you've tried chobani greek yogurt? It's my favorite. I love the pineapple and mango flavors!

  2. Tara, you should have taken that milk back. They would give your money back if it went bad before the time.
    You didn't tell me how to post my comment.

  3. Hi, just a test. What is URL

  4. @ Lisa: I actually sampled some Chobani yogurt at Costco over spring brek and loved itl, but they don't sell it at the grocery store I go to at school! :( Thanks for the suggestion though, I can't wait to have that brand this summer!!

    @ Papa: I know I should have, but I was embarrassed! I will help you figure out the comments when I get home!

  5. You def should of taken it back! For how much you don't like to waste things... If it's at all embarrassing u will waste something in a heart beat ha! Milk here says it only stays good for 3-4 days! But it always still tastes ok for about 4 days after the exp date... Very strange! Sad the gy was bad too... I'm never going to be able to try that kind now that u compared it to impressions. I gagged just thinking about it! I try to force myself to like avocado and nuts... But it never works!

  6. @ Brooke: hmm... well you have the opposite problem that I have! I don't think I like avocado either... but nuts I love!!! yummmyy (That's what she said) bahahahha I can't believe I just said that. I take that back.... lol

  7. i used to LOVe greek yog! until i became vegan though.... now its so unappealing... blech! i tried so hard to like cocoa nibs.. but they are nasty

  8. Again... love chobani! The only thing that gets me through greek yogurt!

    But my food that i have to stuff down my throat is Sweet Potatoes. Just plain jane cooked sweet potatoes. I love sweet potato chips and fries (and y'alls "sweet potato" cake) but plain jane sweet potatoes make me feel like a 5 year old child being forced to eat her veggies.

  9. @ Movesnmunchies: cocoa nibs? I have never even heard of those!

    @ Dana: I am pretty sure I like chobani, so I can't wait to have it again. I hear ya on the sweet potatoes... the closest I have come to a sweet potato is our cake lol

  10. @Matt: I didn't like it at all... but yes veryy expensive!

  11. hey tara this is random but i was creeping on your blog for the first time and saw this post and HAD to comment. i tried greek yogurt the other day and it was DISGUSTING i thought i was eating sour cream. i was wondering if i could take it back and be like this yogurt is gross lol. ugh what a waste of money never again....


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