Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is why I never try new things!

I am proud to say that today I was actually very productive!

I cleaned.

I did laundry.

I went to Target.
I needed new headphones, because on Friday Matt totally jinxed mine! He was making fun of my 1990 headphones that I happen to LOVE, and they are also the only ones that can actually stay on my ears while I run. (Who else has the problem of those little ear buds sliding out of their ears?) Well, Friday afternoon my favorite headphones stopped working! I was so angry... so I had to part with them, and find a replacement! This was a very difficult task let me tell ya... I was opening tons of boxes and running around Target testing to see if they would stay in my ears! I finally found a pair that was on sale for $13.00! The people that watch the security cameras at Target probably thought I was an idiot, but oh well.... These bad boys better stay in my ears, or back to Target they go! 
P.S As I was running around Target they kept falling out, and then I realized those gray things tighten up to fit around your ears. It definitely took me 15 minutes to figure that out....

I went grocery shopping.
I got all of my typical weekly items plus two new things! I noticed a coupon that said if you buy Kashi cereal you get a free 64oz Silk Soy Milk FREE! So, since I was getting cereal anyways I thought why not try some soy milk? It looked delicious, but read on to hear what I think about it now...
I also got a new kind of flavored greek yogurt. I forgot to tell y'all that I officially HATE plain Fage Greek Yogurt now! I tried mixing pumpkin butter in it again, and it totally grossed me out this time. It was probably the worst combination of foods that I have ever had.
I will let ya know how the new yogurt taste after I try it.

I did my math review.
By that I mean I corrected my teacher 100  6 times. This is not a lie! She puts videos up of our review online, and she made so many mistakes! Of course being the smart aleck that I am, I emailed her three different times telling her about her mistakes. She emailed me back after the second email thanking me, and I responded back with a no problem... you also did this and this and this wrong!! She responded again saying that she was going to send out a corrected video soon, and to let her know if I find any more mistakes. I wanted to respond back and say, Oh sure, but only if I can have half of your salary or an A in the class ;) Teachers these days.... 

I went on a walk with Matt.
These thirty minute walks are one of the things that I am definitely going to miss next year. I love them! 

I made this for dinner.
 Egg sandwich! Unfortunately we had no bacon, but it turned out much better than last time! The bread actually got toasted... almost a little too toasted...

 I made this for a snack.

I hate soy milk. I tried a sip with no cereal, and thought yummy. I then tried a bite with some cereal and milk, and still thought yummy! Well after I took three more bites I thought NASTY! What was I thinking.. cereal with chocolate milk!?!? It even looks gross. I swear a fellow blogger mixed Kashi Cereal with chocolate soy milk, and I remember thinking I gotta try that. Welp folks... I tried it, and I also poured majority of it down the drain! What a let down. This is why I never experiment with foods, because now Kashi Cereal even sounds gross to me!!! :0

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite combination's of foods, and what are some of the grossest combination's of food you have ever had?

Favorite combo: PB, Banana, Honey, & Cinnamon Sandwich & Frozen yogurt with Reese's.. from Braum's!
Grossest Combo's: Greek Yogurt with Pumpkin Butter & Chocolate Soy Milk with cereal!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of soymilk either! It's almond all the way for me! Although it did take a little bit of getting used to in cereal. Maybe give it another shot? :)

  2. Gross... just gross. That picture is gross haha.

    I have been LOVING my Chobani!!!! Just thought i would let you know :)

  3. I have problems with the little ear buds too! They don't stay in and ther hurt! I don't think I would like your new ones... bc they still have the little bud that hurts me! I still wear my old ones even though padding fell off bc I can't find any that are near as good. What brand is the new Greek yogurt? Bread on your egg Sammy looks way better...and no that is not at all too toasted... Almost burnt is the best! It's prob not the choc part that u didn't like... U prob just don't like soy milk! I bet normal choc milk and cereal u would love! I want to try almond milk! I have had soy before... It's just eh! Grossest combos: anything with ketchup! And choc & pb... Nasty! I hate the smell! Best combos: cheerios and pretzels (sweet&salty), banana/pumpkin bread with choc chips, cinnamon & paprika on sweet potato fries, and my famous cereal and cookie mixes!

  4. @ Stefanie: I will have to try almond milk, I think it was the chocolate kind that really grossed me out. I mean chocolate milk in cereal... what was I thinking?? haha

    @ Dana: I know I should of never done that!!! Never again hah. I want to get chobani soo bad, but they don't sell it at HEB! I could just go to another store, but I don't feel like it! HA I will get some this summer!

    @ Brooke: They don't hurt me, they just fall out! It is siggis? Blueberry flavor... they didn't have strawberry! It was sooo expensive tho. No choc milk should never be in cereal! esp. not kashi! eww I can't even talk about it ha. I love all your combos... but you are crazy about the choc. and pb combp ha

  5. Ummmm...choc milk with fig newton...great compared to your mess! HAHA Love the adventurous side though. And can't wait for you to cook egg sandwiches when you get home.

  6. I am not a fan of soy milk. I like almond milk and regular milk.

    The other day I made a stuffed french toast with peanut butter and bacon. It was delicious!

  7. @ Mommy: I know I don't know what I was thinking.. I am sticking to kid builder for sure!!

    @ Cynthia: omg that sounds amazing!!


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