Saturday, March 26, 2011

We're Feeling good, we're feeling alright, yeah...


But, I missed two perfect opportunities... they were in Dallas yesterday and Austin tonight! :(

Anyways, listen to it and tell me what ya think... I feel like I can relate the song "Feeling Alright" to my life right now.

"Well it's a struggle, every day we're stressing
What's a life without dedication
I'm, I'm trying to pick up that soul's intention to soak in music relaxation
We're Feeling good, we're feeling alright, yeah"

I feel like in our world today people are constantly stressed out about something, and this is not the way to live our life's! Sometimes we need to just step back, and relax.... At the end of the day it doesn't matter what grade you make on a test, who makes the most money, or who has the nicest clothes. It is only important to live each and everyday to the fullest!


 Matt and I went to Yogurtland last night after Pei Wei. I was so excited because they had their new flavor Devil's Food Cupcake Batter! So, I got that kind, Peanut Butter, and Red Velvet Cupcake Batter. Then I added the toppings (the best part) reese's, brownies, and cookie dough! 

I <3 Frozen Yogurt!!

Question of the Day: Do you ever get sudden dessert cravings, and have to fulfill them immediately or someone may get hurt.....?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was craving ice cream really bad. I begged Matt for like 5 minutes to get Yogurt Land, and then he eventually caved in and granted my wish ;)


  1. I'm a fan of the song! I had never heard of rebelution...perhaps they will come back to Austin sometime soon and we can go! Now the song is stuck in my head! It's much better than that Friday song... Mitch and I kept hearing ppl talk about it and we were like what the heck is this songs deal why so many ppl talking about it?! So we looked it up and listened to it... That was a bad idea it was stuck in our head forever and it's awful! I assume u know the song I'm talking about. They better keep that devil food cupcake batter around until I get back! Bc I MUST try it!! That and red velvet and normal cake batter... Yummy!!! I def do get cravings that must be fulfilled! Unfortunately a lot of the cravings I get it is impossible to fulfill them here... Sucks majorly! And I swear I crave things that are impossible to get more than stuff that is possible ha. Soon enough I will get my fro yo fix!

  2. Yes, I am sure they will be back sometime!! I know what your talking about but I havent listened to it yet... I guess that's a good thing! Can't wait for fro yo with you!!!! :) Oh and Wedding cake... I am craving that too all day everyday!

  3. that a great song! thanks for sharing- never heard of them before!.. your froyo toppings are SO GOOD!

  4. @ movesnmunchies: I am glad you liked it.. I love finding new good music!

  5. I'm seriously drooling over that Froyo!! I wish I had a yogurtland in my house! haha

  6. @ Stefanie: I hear ya... I could have froyo every night and not get tired of it!!

  7. I soooo love fro yo.... Have to have my fro yo!

  8. I LOVE frozen yogurt. Right now I am addicted to So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Crea. OMG it is good!

  9. @ Matt: I have never heard of that, but I just googled it and it looks good! This may be a dumb question but does it taste really coconutty? I am not a fan of coconut!


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