Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today on my run I decided to play "Sweet & Sour." (You know the game that we all played in elementary school on the bus on the way to field trips... yah that one!)  

Side Note: One time a kid in my class held up a piece of paper that said "HELP US", and the car behind the bus called 911 because he thought we all got kidnapped or something... The kid ended up getting suspended, but I personally think it was totally worth it.... It was hilarious!   

Anyways, the game was really fun and totally made the time fly by until I ran by a group of core guys. I got like 15 "Howdys" in a matter of 5 seconds, and at that point the game was no longer fun! I may be a Texas girl, but I am sorry I will not be caught dead saying HOWDY! I always walk with my head down around campus when I see a core guy, because as soon as you make eye contact with one of them you are bound to get a howdy. I always just smile, and say HELLO back. I am sure it makes them mad... oh well!

I am not bashing on core guys I promise. Just the howdy part ;) Once in my geology lab I had a really nice core guy as my partner. I played dumb on the first day, so he would identify all the rocks for me and it worked....Sucker!

Ok, back to the game... I was shocked at how many "sour" people there are out there. I would smile and give a little head nob to everyone that I passed, but I got a whole lot of nothing in return. Even the College Station cop ignored me.... Well, I guess I can't say I was too shocked about that one. They love giving perfect law abiding citizens tickets the one time they screw up... Grrrr. 
I plan on playing this game again, so I will let ya know if people get "Sweeter" or "Sourer" (Is that even a word? Oh well it is now!)

Question of the Day: Do you like "Sweet" or "Sour" candy better? 
I was going to say sweet without a doubt, but those sour patch kids are looking mighty good.... 

My apartment was giving away FREE food today in the clubhouse, but you would of thought they were giving away a million dollars. It is amazing how excited college kids get when they hear the word FREE, and the word FOOD was just an added bonus! The line was out the door just to get pizza from like Cici's... who even likes Cici's?? Well I do like their dessert pizza, but that's about it.
I did learn something while watching the mob of people.... Maybe I should start advertising my blog by saying, "IF YOU FOLLOW MY BLOG I WILL GIVE YOU FREE FOOD." 

P.S I had some yummy dessert tonight, I will post a picture of it tomorrow. I promise :) Oh and Matt and I's date night to Village Cafe didn't quite work out... We drove all the way there to find out they were throwing a private party, so it was closed to the public! I was starving at that point, so I wanted to tell the man look it ain't no party without me.... Just Kidding... Matt would of died. We ended up going to Pei Wei, and we plan on going back to Village Cafe on Sunday. If they even think about throwing another private party, I WILL give them a little piece of my mind ;)



  1. Sweet and sour... Totally forgot about that game! And I so remember that "help us" story haha. I kinda play that game here... Mostly everyone is sour! How rude! I always say u can tell who true runners are that enjoy running bc they always smile or ar least nod when u pass them! Haha I totally support your non howdy ways! I am proud to say I graduated without saying it once! Give the cop some shipleys then he will be sweet... Or at least be filled with some sweets! Haha corny I know! Not much of a candy fan! But I did use to love those sour worms and shocktarts and starbursts and skittles so I guess im more a sour fan! Oh and war heads!!! Remember those? They were awesome! I'm done with college and I still get super excited about free!! I love me anything free! If it was double daves instead of cicis I would of been in heaven! Speaking of there are dd in Austin so we can test them out there! Choc chip pizza is calling my name! For real u give free food everyone will be commenting ha! I can't wait to see your dessert even tho it's going to make me majorly jealous I just know! Haha def not a party with out u!! U so should of told them that... Heck u might of even got your happy bee for free! I hope it's open Sunday bc I wanna see the pic with the famous cinnamon on it haha! Where y'all eating tonight? Why not vill tonight? I hope this comment sends!

  2. Brooke: That is true, I got a few smiles.. but mostly people just listening to their ipods not paying attention. ahhh Loved sour worms!! Gross, I never really liked war heads! But yes can't wait to try DD'S! They should be open on Sunday, so you will get to see it!! Matt works tonight, so I have to make dinner on my own!

  3. I am just testing I don't think this is going to work bc the form is different. we will see.

  4. Ok it worked. How can anyone like sour over sweet?? I can always tell you who likes sweet over sour though and it's not bc of their sweet personalty. And be nice to the core guys. Nothing wrong with "HOWDY" even though I would never say it.

  5. Phew.. I am glad it still worked! I had to change it back bc the other way kept messing up! But hahahah you just made me crack up Papa... I am glad you can still comment! :)

  6. Oh and Matt and I's date night to Village Cafe didn't quite work out.

    Just a question. Do you think this is proper English.

  7. hah well what is wrong with it... I just type how I talk on here!

  8. I know that is what is so good about it. I don't know if anything is wrong I was just asking. And who am I to question. I'm doing good to just comment. If you watch you will be able to correct a lot of mine. Spelling and English.

  9. Sweet and sour? Should I have heard of this?

  10. Matt: You never played that game?! It's when you smile and wave at someone, and if they wave back they are "sweet" but if they do nothing back they are "sour"!


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